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For the 2nd leg of our Singapore Family Trip we’ll go to a different route. Compared to Universal Studios Sentosa post that was more instructional with how-tos, tips, and what nots. Day 2 will be written more casually and more personal. Like literally a travel diary. This will be photo heavy.

or maybe it’ just my excuse because I’m lazy to SEO the whole damn thing hahaha

Ready? Let’s go!

MRT to Khatib Station

Macho kid, inspired by seeing me always working out in the gym. Also got into fitness. He does around 10 pushups daily and even when we’re on vacation he needs to get pumped up!


After riding the bus going to the MRT station, I spotted a nostalgic favorite. Old Chang Kee. Their curry puffs were always my favorite when I used to work here. It’s cheap at 1.25sgd, has potatoes, chicken, and egg inside. It was a complete meal, for someone who’s on a budget. Like I was before. 


That curry puff glory

Are you finding it odd that I’m teary-eyed over a curry puff? 


If only the train stations here in the Philippines were half as good as Singapore’s. If only our politicians were at least half as corrupt, we’d somehow be in a manageable place. 

A girl can only dream.


Feeling herself in the mirror flexin, but check out that curry puff belly.

My mom deserved to have this vacation for all the hard work she’s done. From raising me to taking care of Geof. I’m thankful that I am blessed to bring her here again. With joy, instead of pain. 7 year ago.. (story on my final entry)


In Singapore you can wear your favorite outfits without fearing catcallers.

We ate Kaya toast almost everyday HAHAHAHA


Dropped of to Khatib station to ride a bus on our next stop. Singapore Zoo’s River Safari! (for macho kid again!)



Yes. This is an extremely bad photo of the entrance. This was the only shot I had. I promised my family that I will not pressure myself or everyone to get blog-worthy or insta-worthy photos and just enjoy the trip as is.

There were 4 types of zoos: Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari, and Night Safari. I told Geof we can only pick 1 and he chose the River Safari because it has a boat ride.


Macho kid, being the best boy that he is. Still managed to let me capture frame-worthy photos.


Kid’s got a knack for these things, don’t you agree?


Geof “won” this special Panda coin as a souvenir for 2sgd. In the Panda area, we were a bit dismayed that there weren’t any as it was mating season.


Visitors, us included, were wondering if this couple of peacock and peahen escaped from their cage, or they’re really allowed to run free around here.

Lines were long for the river cruise, so we took this special Amazon Cruise first for an additional 5sgd. Worth it! It was a fun ride with occassional plunges. We got to see a lot of animals up close too! The cruise has a voice-over guide that tells you a lot of fun facts about the Amazon Rainforest.


This was a photo from the River Cruise. A 10-minute boatride, a bit boring but perfect for our tired feet. Would you believe touring the entire River Safari is around 5,000+ steps?!

Our feet are slowly dying from all that walking we’ve been doing since yesterday. But it’s all worth it because Geof is happy.



Yes. We did eat at that quaint Khatib hawker joint and the chicken rice was cheap but delicious! 

How does a chicken rice meal taste like? Despite it’s bland appearance, it’s actually pretty tasty. All the essence of the chicken is mixed with the rice, along with a few spices that makes it mild but flavorful.

on to Bugis Street for some bargain shopping!


I promised Geof I’ll let him play in the water fountain over at Bugis so he did. I remember this place so much because when he was 2 years old he was fascinated with this fountain already.

Knowing Singapore, I knew the water they use here is clean and safe. The water fountain is also open to the public for kids to play in! While their parents can take a break. Just like I did. With milk tea.


My mom was a bit familiar with Singapore too and her favorite place to hang-out at was Bugis Street. This is the best area (for us) to buy all your pasalubongs. From chocolates, to t-shirts, nailcutters, bags, and stylish outfits. They also have cheap mani/pedi at the 3rd floor. 

Bugis Street reminds me of Divisoria 🙂 Which we also love.


So funny that my aunt still puts her bag in front even when we’re in a secure place like Singapore hahaha! We got used to Quiapo/Divisoria-esque pinoy snatchers and thieves T_T

Our feet was exhausted but our hearts were happy! This is the end of our Day 2 Singapore Family Trip!


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