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TRENDING: C Beauty | Proudly Made in China

After the K-Beauty Craze, the J-Beauty Phenomenon and the hype of Thailand Cosmetics and skincare comes in a new contender in the market

C Beauty

Honestly speaking, majority of beauty brands in the market are made in china. What makes this different is that these are manufactured by Chinese labels/brands. Proudly local.

Take a look at what of C Beauty has to offer like Hedone including one that’s been here in the Philippines for a while; Dear Dahlia Cosmetics.



The number of digital-native colour-cosmetics brands founded in China, such as Hedone, is rising, too, thanks to a social media culture that revolves heavily around a network of influencers speaking up for made-in-China make-up. Generation Z – the same group exhibiting growing pride in Chinese brands – tends to place more trust in the opinions of micro-influencers over celebrities, which is grist to the mill for the next trendy make-up product on Xiaohongshu. 


hedone eyeshadows

hedone eyeshadows


Dear Dahlia

Dear Dahlia is a Chinese beauty brand that offers premium makeup made using the highest quality natural ingredients. Their cosmetics are must-have essentials that nourish and protect skin while delivering superior results—all formulated without sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or colors. The company is also a strong advocate for cruelty-free research and manufacturing, and is vegan-friendly.

Dear Dahlia Cosmetics


What do you think of C-Beauty? Are you ready to welcome the influx of made in china products with open arms (and wallets)?




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