Watsons and Operation Smile Philippines bring Perfect Smiles to 30 Children in Isabela 

As a health, wellness, and beauty retailer, the purpose of Watsons is to put a smile on the faces of its customers. Thus, it is not surprising that one of Watsons’ long-term partnerships is with Operation Smile, which transforms the smiles of children affected by cleft and palate, a gap in the mouth that did not close during the early stages of pregnancy.

After a break of nearly two years due to the pandemic, Watsons resumed its partnership with Operation Smile Philippines in November 2021. Through this partnership, Watsons has helped transform the lives of 2,036 patients for nine years and another 50 patients when the program resumed in 2021.

Watsons, in partnership with Johnson and Johnson Philippines and Operation Smile Philippines, recently went to Isabela to help 30 patients with cleft and lip palettes by providing them with free surgeries. “Our promise to Look Good Do Good Feel Great has always included doinggood and uplifting the health and well-being of the communities we serve,” said Viki Encarnacion, PR and Sustainability Director of Watsons.

“Watsons dedication to transforming lives despite the pandemic is really admirable and Operation Smile is happy to be doing this with them,” said Emiliano Romano, Executive Director of Operation Smile Philippines.

Joining the 40 volunteer doctors in the medical mission at Isabela United Doctors Medical Center are 20 Watsons volunteer employees. 

Watsons Philippines pharmacists and employee volunteers also assisted the patients’ families by conducting hygiene orientation seminars online on the subject of post-operation feeding, oral, and lip care. Watsons also provided Hygiene Care Kits with oral and hand care products to the 50 kids post-operation.

“It only takes 45 minutes to transform the smile of a child born with lip or cleft palate. It takes so little to help them. Watsons is extremely proud to be in partnership with Operation Smile Philippines, J&J, and in Doing Good for our communities.” said Encarnacion.

This partnership in the Philippines is part of A.S. Watson’s global commitment to bring 10,000 perfect smiles in partnership with Operation Smile. This is the first Operation Smile medical mission for the year and Watsons is planning two more within the year, one in Cebu and another in Naga.


  • Apart Cy

    This is great partnership 🥰nakakahappy at nakakataba ng puso na may tumulong sa mga childrens na may ganitong condition to back the beautiful and perfect smile in their faces 🥰💗🤗

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