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Why am I not writing (not even reading!)

Hooray for another personal musing for today’s post. It’s been a while. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of caffeine in my bloodstreams or lack of inspiration, – definitely not lack of time or energy; but I haven’t been writing on any of my blogs for the past few months. Why?

Is it my medication???? (Quitiapene)

Whenever I see content creators post something really nice, or relevant across my feed I get a bit envious thinking “I could do that”, but I dont.

Is it plain laziness????

Maybe I just don’t have proper work habits, and if I’m not writing for my dayjob (as a Journalist on Inside Retail), I just scroll mindlessly on socials, watch Youtube, binge something on Netflix or Disney+, or just disassociate altogether.

I want to change.

I miss the times when I can write 5-8 blog posts in a DAY. 

Maybe I need a better work schedule????

I think so.

I miss the fire, the burning passion of creating content not just for you my readers but for myself. 

In this day and age of short-form content, I’m probably so overwhelmed on thinking which do I do first, that I dont do anything at all.

Here’s to using my planner yet again this mid-year and hope I can chonk up something in the coming days ahead. 


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