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Yummy lent meal ideas from unMeat

Struggling to think of ways to avoid eating meat this season, and maybe even beyond? Now that’s a thing of the past, thanks to the plant-based options you can find in the market. 

When you go out for grocery, it’s good to know that products like unMeat is easy to find. This 100% plant-based brand, which looks and tastes like real meat, is the perfect alternative for many of us who are abstaining or fasting from any form of animal products, especially this season of Lent. 

Without breaking that sacrifice, you can explore unMeat’s plenty options for different mealtimes. Trust us, it’s not as hard as you might think! 

Wondering what to eat to start your day? Maybe you can pair your choice of bread or rice with the canned luncheon meat-style. You’d be surprised to discover that it’s 50% less sodium versus what we’re used to! You can even add a dash of your favorite condiment to make it a truly satisfying meal! 

But if you’re looking to experiment on different recipes for your other meals, that’s totally doable too. You can create your own meatless burger with the burger patties, cook nachos with giniling, or even concoct a mean rice bowl with nuggets. “Di ko akalain 100% meat-free itong nuggets na to, masarap siya” shares one customer who tried unMEAT nuggets for the first time in a sampling event.

On days when you want something quick and microwavable, heat an unPizza in your choice of unMeat Lovers Pizza, Margherita, or Sausage & Pepper, for your snack, which can be shared or eaten on-the-go. It’s truly a treat for the taste buds, as described by a customer: “I liked the crust and (un)cheese! Tasted light and the texture was just right! Didn’t think it was made of non-meat and dairy-free cheese”

With the many possibilities of this meat alternative during Lent, it’s easier to make it part of your lifestyle. Through the plant-based brand, you can continue practicing a flexitarian diet that allows you to enjoy plant-based foods while also having meat and other animal products once in a while. Now, isn’t that just a very win-win situation?

With unMeat that has zero cholesterol, and high in protein and fiber, you’re developing healthier eating habits which may help lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, especially when coupled with proper exercise.

So from Lent and beyond, explore your options by trying out different recipes from unMeat now available in all leading supermarkets in Metro Manila, as well as Shopee and Lazada. 

To know more about unMeat, visit and follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram; @meetumeatph on Tiktok. 

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