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Silk Scrunchies Review – Why They’re Better than Ordinary Hair Ties

Hi guys! I recently discovered something new. I’ve had my hair styled, colored, and damaged in a whole lotta different ways. Did you know that you coud keep your hair healthy and protected from damage using silk scrunchies?

They’re way different from your regular hair ties, not to mention so precious you should do your best not to lose them!

What are Silk Scrunchies?

Silk Scrunchies are hair accessories used to tie your hair. They cause less damage because of the material these ties are made of (silk or satin).

Why Silk/Satin Scrunchies Good for My Hair?

  • Comfort  – They are more comfortable to wear than regular elastic hair ties. They won’t cause you any headaches or discomfort because they give just the right amount of tightness to keep your hair in place. But not too tight to cause you migraines.
  • Durability – Compared to rubber or ordinary hair elastics, when covered in silk fabric, the hair ties are durable and lasts a lot longer
  • Prevents hair damage and breakage – Because it is made out of silk, it cuts down on friction and tension that’s associated with traditional elastic hair ties since it has a natural slippery feel. As a result, these scrunchies are gentle to use on dry, damaged, and weak hair to reduce breakage.
  • Versatile – Dress it up or dress it down. You can wear a silk scrunchy from work to play. You can use it to a wide variety of hair styles too!
  • Stylish – We all know silk is synonymous to luxury. It’s natural sheen and texture makes it beautiful to wear on our hair.

How I Wear My Silk Scrunchie to the Gym

Here’s a quick demo on how I wear mine regularly. It keeps my hair in place and makes weight lifting very comfortable without any distractions! It gives a lovely curl after wearing too!

Trust me. Once you’ve tried wearing these, you’d never go back to using ordinary hair ties again!

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