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Come with me to Aichi Mochi Cafe in QC

Nah.. this wont be your standard cafe or restaurant review. Nothing formal. Just, come with me to Aichi Mochi Cafe in QC.

This mochi cafe went viral on Tiktok a few weeks ago, and I just had to find out if the place is worth all the long lines and hype. On my first visit (yes there was a second) I came with my good friend Paul. We were craving for dessert after having Vietnamese for lunch.

Sadly, most of the items on their menu is out of stock. So we were stuck with Iced Matcha and an Ichigo mochi. There were more, but what’s the use of mentioning them if they’re not available all the time. Mind you, we came at around 1PM, on a WEEKDAY, and with barely any customers.

Dont be foold by the ones in display… The ones on top are not available… only for show.. The ones below are the mini cacao mochi and the ichigo ones.

Basically, their Ichigo Mochi (P150) is a mochi with red-bean paste filling and a fresh strawberry on top. To be fair, their mochi is delicious. Chewy, stretchy, with just enough bite. The red bean stuffing was a bit sweet than I wanted but good enough to finish the entire thing. It is filling. I recommend finishing your mochi with eating the strawberry last, “anti umay”.

Their Iced Matcha (P120 if I remember it right) is one of the best I’ve tried. Yes even better than the one in Mitsukoshi BGC, and comparable to the ones I had in Japan (Airport LOL, long story). Sadly, I quit caffeine (another long story) so I wont be drinking this anytime soon.

A proof that I enjoyed their Mochis is I craved to have them AGAIN this week. This time I brought Nacho Kid with me ^_^. He ordered the cacao bites, while I tried the White Custard with White Bean. It’s white bean filling mixed with fresh custard, and has a burnt brulee top. Is it good? Yes. Which do I like better? I still like the Ichigo one.

Ta-da! Not so photogenic but still delish.

Final Thoughts: Good mochi. Good drinks. So-so service. Sad selection. I hope they improve their consistency, because their mochi cafe has huge potential. I also hope they last more than the hype.


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