Circuit Base by Laptop Factory Gilmore
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Circuit Base by Laptop Factory Gilmore (store, price list, branches)

Are you looking to buy your next laptop? Wondering where’s the best place to purchase? Well, since discovering Laptop Factory in 2013 (YES), I have been buying all my laptops in their store ever since. Why?

  • They’re cheaper than mall prices
  • WIDE variety of brands
  • Have excellent post-sales support and customer service

Seven years later and I was ecstatic about the news that they have grown BIGGER and BETTER with their Circuit Base by Laptop Factory.

From a small laptop store in Gilmore, it’s now a full-blown shop (2 in fact!) with all the top brands in every budget, every tech enthusiast could ask for!  Not only that! They’re an accredited store that can provide official warranties for each. 


How to get to Laptop Factory in Gilmore

Laptop Factory Gilmore Google Maps

By LRT: Alight at Gilmore station. Laptop Factory is just in front of Robinson’s Gilmore

By Grab: Pin is simply Laptop Factory, Gilmore


How does the store look inside?

It’s pretty lit and cool inside so you can take time to browse around all the laptop brands and models inside. You can ask their staff for a demo or if you want to check out an item. They don’t just have computers available but even accessories like keyboards, mouse, speakers, and others.

laptop factory

laptop factory

laptop factoryThe owner of Laptop Factory also owns a woodworking-slash-solid wood furniture store called Grains Furniture, and they have a few desks, tables, and stands available on display. A perfect partner to your next gadget!


Brands available


laptop factory

Lenovolaptop factory

Victus laptop factory


laptop factory 

Huaweilaptop factory

Predatorlaptop factory

Why Laptop Factory?

If you’re wondering about the price range, rest assured that all products sold in Laptop Factory are 1,000-8,000 pesos cheaper than in malls. Why? It’s because they OWN the space and want to keep prices at the most competitive for consumers. 

It’s also assuring to know that all brands and products you see in their stor is OFFICIAL and ACREDDITED by the actual brands so you will get the same warranties and service.

BUT if you prefer getting your laptops online, they’re available on Facebook and their official website plus all their branches nationwide.

Sample products and price list

Products and brands may vary but these are the sample range you can find inside Circuit Base. 

laptop factory laptop factory laptop factory laptop factory laptop factory laptop factory

Laptop Factory Philippines

  • Brand new SEALED Laptops Lower than Mall Prices!
  • Main Store, QC – 717 Aurora Blvd. P&S Building, Quezon City.
Other Branch Locations: Antipolo / Las Piñas / Fairview / Baguio / Pampanga / Sta. Cruz Laguna / Lucena / Batangas / Naga / Cebu / Davao / Lipa / Cagayan de Oro


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