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REVIEW: EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Spotlight

wooooah a makeup review? Yeah, I know it’s been awhile.

Brand: EB Advance
Product: Glow Out Highlighter in Spotlight
Price: 199php
Where to Buy? Watsons, Mercury Drug, Beauty Section of Department Stores Nationwide

It’s also been a few months since I’m battling depression. It’s not the usual “sadness“. Being diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder, I struggle between shifts of mania or depression. It can span from days, to weeks, months, and worse case scenario; years. Enough about that, and more about the make-up. Sorry. See? ūüôĀ

Tara let’s talk about beauty na lang in the meantime.¬†


Product Description

Price: 199php

Fine powders add eye-catching shimmer where you want it; can be used on the inner corner of the eyes or on top of the cheekbones; leaves a radiant, luminous look to skin; silky texture blends easily.


EB Advance Glow Out  Photos & Swatches


EB Advance Glow Out Review

Packaging¬†– It comes in a basic white plastic pan, with a transparent cover so you can see the product. It looks and feels flimsy. I’m thinking if they give the case a more¬†matte appearance it would look classier.


Coverage¬† – This baby’s got coverage indeed. One sweep and you just need to buff it on to glow.¬†

Texture РFine oh fine. Even comparable to the texture of high-end highlighters. Shimmer so subtle, the glow it gives can range from ethereal to disco depending on how much you layer. No glitter no chunks. Swear. 

I’m particular when it comes to this because I hate seeing huge chunks of glitter to what products claim to be as a highlighter. But EB Advance’s Glow Out is like liquid gold baby.¬†

Color РSpotlight is warm light gold. 

Scent РNothing noticeable. 

Longevity – A good 3 hrs and it still looks fresh. 4-6 hrs and the oil on my face sets and the “glow” looks more natural, translucent. Staying power is decent.


Final Thoughts

Okay. For 199php, this highlighter is the one to beat. The packaging is flimsy, but the product inside makes up for it. Seriously. EB Advance is one of those local brands that doesn’t just make products for the sake of it. I believe their research and development team take time to make sure the price doesn’t compromise with the quality. Salute.


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  • Charm J

    I’ve been binge watching on some make up videos lately because you know, that time of the year is near and that means more get togethers and parties where I have to look presentable. Lol. I’ll make sure to get one soon!
    On a side note, di ka pa ba mag-destash ng make up mo? Lol. IG sale, ye know ???
    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon. Sending you hugs and kisses Miss Kaycee!

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