Denman Detangling Comb
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Denman Detangling Comb Review – BEST DETANGLING COMB IN THE WORLD?

I just had to buy another one. You know? In case I lose this one, I had a spare. Today gals and pals we’ll be reviewing Denman’s Detangling Comb and Brush (because I purchased both, but love the former better?)

Denman Detangling Comb

Best detangling brush in the world? Pardon my exaggerated claims but personally, I really think so. I’ve tried several ones that claim to be such (Tangle Teezer, Ikoo, Wet Brush, Hair Angel). But nothing has made me felt satisfied like Denman’s. 


My hair and its forever knots

I have weird, limp, straight, but knotty hair. It used to be curly, until I turned 11 and don’t know what the f happened. The curls just slowly, but surely, straightened away. And I hated it. I love my curls. Was it my shampoo? Was it my conditioner? While my cousins spent hours in the salon to get their hair straightened, I wish I had my curls back.

Denman Detangling Comb

But nope. 

Now it’s just weird, wavy, and always get into tangles.

Same reason why I’m too lazy to comb. But when I do, I try to find the best comb that can handle my tangles.


Denman Detangling Comb and Brush

So, still in mania, I decided to shop around for combs and brushes. I asked several groups on Facebook, what’s the best brand of detangling comb/brush they have tried and I got the same answers (the one’s I’ve mentioned on paragraph 2). Except this particular thread, people claiming Denman is the best they’ve ever tried. I do remember my grandpa always asking me to by the same brush, every time he loses it. Denman.

Denman Detangling Comb

So off I went to search-engine land to find where to buy Denman brushes online and lo-behold. Authentic ones are available on Lazada and Shopee!

Add to cart – Checkout – Unbox



How to Use Denman Comb to Detangle Hair

During my first tries, I thought they’re just the same as any other comb. I kept it in my drawer. For weeks. Until the need to comb my hair again. After shower, even without using a conditioner.

Denman Detangling Comb

I tried to comb my hair, with a light hand this time. Ask my boyfriend, how heavy my hands are. If you understand. Tagalugin ko. Mabigat ang kamay ko. Lo-behold, the knots slowly detangling, without damaging my tresses. Hallelujah!

So yeah, I got a spare.

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