How to Keep Hair from Getting Brassy
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How to Keep Hair from Getting Brassy – Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo Review

Blonde. Bleached. It’s an essential when we want to sport a bright hair color. But how do we keep our hair from getting brassy? I think I’ve changed my hair with every color from the rainbow. Especially back when I was younger. Now, I usually sport a safer transition of chocolate to blonde ombre bayalage. But I how do I keep it from yellowing? Purple Shampoos of course.

I’m into trying out a lot of brands but today we’re going to review Davines Alchemic Shampoo. You can purchase this in HairMNL (if you’re from the Philippines)

Why does hair turn brassy in time?

How to Keep Hair from Getting Brassy
My hair weeks after dyeing without using any maintainance

Blonde hair turns brassy because it’s incredibly porous. It essentially soaks up everything, from the minerals in your shower to the pollution in the air and any products you may put in it.  The second main reason that blonde hair turns brassy is because the toner wears off.

Toner is a sheer overlay that counteracts brassiness once the hair has been lifted up to close to the desired blonde shade. It’s almost impossible to get exactly the right shade and tone of blonde hair color with bleach alone, so the toner works together with the bleach to create the ideal hue.

How to Keep Hair from Getting Brassy

  • Not shampooing daily
  • Using toners
  • Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner
  • Avoid saltwater
  • Avoid too much sun or if you can, use SPF spray for your hair

Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo Review

How to Keep Hair from Getting Brassy

Product Description: For platinum and cool blonde hair. Alchemic Silver Shampoo maintains the clarity and tone of these hair colors and protects against the yellowing effects of sun exposure.

Color is vibrant, protected and enhanced.

Ingredients: Direct pigments. Innovative pigments that deposit color without an activator. Provitamin B5. A necessary nutrient for hair health, B5 provides extreme moisture.


As you can see this was when my hair was freshly coloured. Such a beautiful shade of milk tea brown that’s flattering for my olive complexion (done at Benibana Beauty Hub) but weeks after without maintenance, it immediately became brassy 🙁

I knew using purple shampoos was the solution for toning brassy hair. Thankfully HairMNL sent out their Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo for me to try.

How to Keep Hair from Getting Brassy

First thing I noticed is it’s lovely scent. Between woody to light floral. The fragrance is quite unisex, not feminine nor masculine. Texture is watery and has a nice slip. A little goes a long way because it produces generous lather that can coat your hair with toning foam.

The trick to using this is leaving it as long as possible on your hair, depending on how “bright” you want it to be. I had quite the orange already so I left it on for around 15 minutes. Rinsed it off and use conditioner afterwards. While this is not as drying compared to other purple shampoos, I still recommend using hair treatment or conditioner afterwards.

How to Keep Hair from Getting Brassy

Will you look at that! Using Davines lifted the orange and yellow tones from my hair and kept it nice and chocolate-y brown. It’s advised to use a different shampoo once you achieved your desired toning, but I’m so paranoid that I use this every other day hahaha!

I’m planning to keep my hair blonde for the mean time, but I’m planning to go back to pinks or purples again someday too! How about you? What’s your dream hair color?


  • Hazel

    Wow, i love how your hair color turned out to be! This is why i don’t like having my hair colored ~ maraming maintenance. Haha but good thing you found the perfect hair care treatments. 🙂

    Anyway, happy new year, Kaycee! Glad I stumbled across your blog again. You moved na pala!

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