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Good Times at Singapore Science Centre| Travelling is Like a Dream

When it comes to travel blogs, I (we) should keep in mind that it’s best to write as soon as possible. When the taste, sound, smell, moments, and memories are still fresh in our minds.

It’s my fault that it took as long as 1 month to finish the entire Singapore Family Travel Diaries.

The experience is slowly fading away like a dream. A good friend told me that when we shared each other’s sentiments on travel. Each place we visit is like a dream, and going back home is waking up. So without further ado, let me share with you the bits and pieces that my mind can fragment on our 3rd day in Singapore. We visit Singapore Science Centre


Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Science Centre

Macho kid LOVES SCIENCE. From space ships and meteorites, to dinosaurs and modern scientists. His interest never fades and as a mom, I’d like to support his passion in any way that I can. I had to options in Singapore, either visit the Arts & Science Museum in Marina Bay or the Science Centre in Jurong East. I chose the latter. Why?


I have a few friends who are working in the lion city and they advised me to take Geof in the Science Centre instead because he may find the Arts & Science Museum boring. Okay. According to them, it is boring and a waste of time. 


How do you get to Singapore Science Centre?

The nearest MRT Station is Jurong East Station (East-West Line and North-South Line). From there, you can take bus 66 or 335, or walk 8 minutes to Science Centre Singapore.

How much are Science Center tickets?

  Adult  Child  Senior Citizen 
Singaporean / PR Peak $6.00 $4.00  $4.00 
  Off-Peak Complimentary Complimentary  Complimentary 
Standard All $12.00 $8.00  $12.00 
  • Off-peak refers to weekdays during school term (excluding public holidays and school holidays)
  • Peak includes weekends, public holidays and school holidays.
  • Child Age is 3 to 12 years
  • Senior Citizen Age is 60 years and above


See what’s inside the Science Centre

Main Museum Attractions

lights and shadows
eye tricks
optical illusion | spaghetti boy
Be a scientist for a day
We weren’t able to take photos inside the laser maze. You get to feel like a secret agent for the day and avoid the lasers around you.
Scientist for a Day
We literally got lost inside the mirror maze
more optical illusions featuring a light bulb
Finally escaped!

Singapore Science Centre

This was one of the highlights of our visit. A super worth-it 15 minute LIVE Tesla Coil Demonstration


Butterflies Up-Close

Kids get to interact with butterflies, learn about their life cycles, and feel what it’s like to live among them.

You’re not allowed to touch butterflies except if they touch you first


Water Play

This was macho kid’s favorite part. Water play! It’s quite a big area for an outdoor water park in front of a museum. I was annoyed at a couple of chinese kids bullying Geof so I called them out right away.



Among all the kid-friendly places we visited at Singapore, this has got to be the best and most worth it. It’s not as expensive as going to Universal Studios and it’s not as boring as the zoo.



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