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Honest Review: LUMOS RAY Mini Home Cinema Projector

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “home cinema projector”? Expensive? Bulky? Complicated? Well to tell you the truth those were my first thoughts when I first read about the LUMOS RAY Mini Cinema Projector. 

After reading so many positive reviews from my co-bloggers and influencers, and finally getting my own, everything was exactly the opposite. It’s a compact projector that can give you a cinema experience, and is quite easy to operate – without leaving your home. 

Lumos Ray

Geof and I miss going to the theaters, but as we all know even if the restrictions have been lifted and the cinemas are back, we can never be sure no? Also, isn’t it nice to just say in our beds, munch on our favorite chips, and watch our favorite movies without distractions from strangers. 

I’ve been using this cute projector (yes I find it cute hehe) regularly for a few weeks now and you guys deserve a detailed review for this baby.  Continue reading if you’re curious 😉

LUMOS RAY Mini Home Cinema Projector Review

Product Description

All-in-one projector with Netflix, YouTube, & built-in speakers


  • 8,999 regular
  • 11,999 smart (with built-in Youtube, Netflix and other apps)

Where to buy? Lumos official store

Key Features

Lumos Ray

– Projects up to a 150″ screen (the whole wall)

– 1080p supported super clear resolution

– Comes with inbuilt Netflix, Youtube

– Able to screen your iPhone/Samsung phone screen onto the wall

– Inbuilt Dolby Audio Speakers

How to Use

Lumos Ray

There’s a manual included in the package so you can read that or be like me who just

  1. plugged it in
  2. turned it on
  3. adjusted the screen size according to your preference
  4. signed in my YT and Netflix accounts

And yes guys, it’s easier to use with a mouse so don’t hesitate to plug it in 😉 


Lumos Ray

I was a bit intimidated when I first got it from the box. I was even afraid to open it (and OA lang haha) because I was worried about all the cables, manuals, and buttons that it might have.

But lo behold, it’s so darn simple! and easy! Even for a lazy girl like me XD 

I was able to set it up in less than 30 minutes in our tiny bedroom and Geof was able to enjoy his cartoons right away. 

Lumos Ray

That’s what I also loved about the LUMOS RAY, we didn’t have a big room. We have a tiny, cramped space honestly speaking and I couldn’t imagine how it would work there but it did. I simply put the mini projector on one of our drawers, adjusted the screen settings so that it’s clear, and projected it on the plainest whitest wall we have behind our bed.

Lumos Ray

Wow the video was so clear, I feel like I was watching via an HDTV, well because it is HD at 720p clear resolution but also works with 1080 Blu-Ray support. 

Gosh, I was surprised at how crisp and clear the sounds of the speaker were too! It has a built-in DOLBY audio surround sound kasi so I didn’t need to pull out my other wireless speakers because the projector itself was enough.

Lumos Ray

Although,  I wish the power cords were longer? I don’t like the hassle of putting out extension cords and wirings. So that’s the only qualm I could think of for now. 

If you’re worried about overheating or other things, I didn’t experience any despite binge-watching k-dramas for around 4 hours straight? So it’s all cool. Pun unintended.

Going to a movie would cost you 550php+ per ticket each, then add the transport, gas, dining out, etc. Sure it’s a great experience to do once in a while, but it’s also amazing to treat yourself and your family to the movies in the comfort of your own homes! The LUMOS RAY plus projector packs a lot of punch for its compact size. 

Okay, talk to you later! We’re going to watch the finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 14 using the LUMOS RAY tonight! 😉 I brought it with me to my friend’s condo! (see it is also travel-friendly)

The LUMOS RAY is priced at only ₱8,999 and the RAY Smart at ₱11,999 with 1-year local warranty.  

The LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector.

The company currently only ships locally in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore. 



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