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All You Need to Know about Starlink’s Entry to the Philippines 

There are many good things about Filipino technology, economy, and laws. However, there is one thing that is lacking – a fast internet connection. It is not a secret that people that live there often struggle with their internet connection. Compared to other countries in the region such as Singapore and Thailand, this country has the slowest internet of all. If the internet is that bad in urban places, you can only imagine what is the situation in villages and non-urban parts. 

Fortunately, it seems that the government has finally found a solution. Believe it or not, Starlink is entering the Philippines! This will happen extremely soon as the government officials and Elon Musk managed to make a quick agreement. We do not know what is the exact date when something like this will happen, but there are guarantees the project will start within Q4 this year. 

What Is Starlink?

For those that do not know, Starlink is actually a satellite technology that releases the internet via radio signals. SpaceX has developed a couple of satellites that can transmit a safe signal to people. 

The typical satellites are far away from the surface of the planet. Logically, that results in higher latency. But, with these satellites, that problem won’t exist. They are located much lower which ensures conditions for a much quicker internet! 

Who Will Benefit from Starlink in the Philippines?

The shortest answer is – everyone! People around the world that already have a fiber optic internet connection may not notice a big difference. However, as we said, the internet itself is way too bad in the Philippines. Because of that, we are sure that people in both urban and non-urban areas will be happy with the benefits they get. 

Quick internet is necessary in today’s world for the improvement of any business field. Communication needs to be at the highest level all the time. Apart from that, it also ensures more comfortable online entertainment. For example, Starlinkfor gaming enthusiasts in the Philippines is going to be perfect! They will manage to enjoy different games online to the fullest or simply download games much quicker with this amazing technology!

How Does the Entire Procedure Look?

We truly must thank Elon Musk for all the inventions he has brought to the world. But we will give ourselves the right to say that Starlink is the best one so far! The entire procedure of getting quick internet is simple.

When people connect to this internet, they will get the necessary gadgets to set up everything. The package they get will contain a typical WiFi router, Starlink dish, cables, supple, and roof mount. When all these items get set up, they get connected with the mentioned satellites. 

Just like any other internet connection that people are using around the world, this one can also be interrupted. We do not want to represent it as something perfect. Yet, when we put into consideration the internet speed in the Philippines, it is not hard to conclude this is the best option people there have!

What Is the Starlink Internet Speed?

Will the internet connection be extremely quick? Well, we do not want to say that the Philippines will get the quickest internet in the world. However, they certainly won’t be a country with the slowest internet connection anymore!

The internet speed will be somewhere between 50 and 150 Mbps. Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that the latency won’t go over 40ms. Be sure Elon Musk won’t stop here! Innovations and improvements are expected. We just need to be patient and enjoy the current benefits we can get!

Is It Possible to Pre-Order the Starlink Internet?

As we said, the precise date when Starlink will start to work is not determined. However, there are certain guarantees everything will start by the end of this year. People have the full right to pre-order this type of internet. When it finally arrives, you will have it from the first moment!


Without any doubt, Starlink will ensure a lot quicker internet for the Filipino community. People will benefit from it in different ways. Business communication will become much better, people will easily get certain documents online, play games, educate themselves under much better conditions, etc. We all barely wait this year to end, don’t we?


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