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Honest Reviews of Younique Mascara

Overkill? Complicated? Would applying this Mascara requires the patience of a saint?

You and many other people can just search this mascara online and find tons and tons of reviews from make-up gurus to your everyday ordinary consumers.

There’s actually quite a lot of mixed reactions from people when it comes to Younique’s 3D and 4D Fibre Lash Mascara and we are about to hear from 3 bloggers their honest reviews to let us know what is up with this Mascara.

#1 We Tried It: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes Mascara

By: Jessica Amaris

In all honesty, she was quite daunted at first to try something out of a “multi-level marketing plan” and to her opinion, who wouldn’t? So despite their so-called “Lash Lifting claims”, she was still not at all keen on buying it. However, when one of her make-up artist friends had nothing but praise for the product, she decided to give it a try and see for herself if it is really good or not.

First Impression

When she received her 3D mascara package, she was surprised to find two tubes of mascara along with a set of instructions on how to apply it.

Since it was fiber mascara, the first tube had a regular wand that grips the mascara while the second tube contains the actual fibers. Upon pulling the fibred one she immediately gave it a side-eye and noted how those fibers can definitely be a recipe for irritation.


When one does have to apply this mascara, it should be fast enough for the product to not dry out while still putting on more layers of it. It did give her a dramatic and very bold look to her eyes and she can honestly say that her lashes became very voluminous as well. The downside here is that it is definitely not for the people with sensitive eyes. She was all but left with scratching the corners of her eyes with a Q-tip for 2 minutes straight.

Lashes for a Day: Does it Last?

After a couple of hours of wearing them, she did notice a minuscule amount of fallout beneath her eyes, but it would go unnoticeable as they were too small anyway. She was quite impressed that it still remained intact after heading to the gym and baking in the sauna at 200 degrees, with an understandable amount of fallout and smudge. To say the least she was quite impressed that it lasted the whole day.

Final Verdict

So is it really as amazing as they say it is? She had to agree on that since it was pretty long-lasting and the sheer density it gives to the lashes is “enough to make a girl feel sexy” she says. Although, if you do have sensitive eyes, you might try to reconsider not buying these products to save yourself the pain of having those fibers tickle your eyes in a bad way.


#2 Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes & Epic Mascara

By: Tanya

From previously reviewing this product in 2015, she has to say that she is quite the fan and loved its first release. She was quite disappointed when the second launch of this product since they revised the formula and left her lashes dry, she just had to give her thoughts on this mascara with their newly improved formula.

In the packaging, one gets two things: The actual fiber mascara and the transplanting gel. To frankly spare you on the long process on how the two work together, the transplanting gel acts like a glue or a “primer” if you will for the fibre mascara to go on and apply smoothly over the lashes.

But for this instance, she was not at all fond of the transplanting gel, especially when it comes to its spoolie which is too wide set apart, so she consulted her friend who is a Younique presenter and recommended that she should use the Epic Mascara in place of the transplanting gel.

And the results? It was a match made in heaven. The Epic Mascara went so well with the formula of the 3D Fibre Mascara and it was no hell to put on too. She’s definitely satisfied with the dramatic look it gave her eyes and 2 months in after she started using it, she’s never been happier with her lashes.


#3 Younique Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara Review

By: Huda

With a brand promise from Younique that the mascara would give you “unreal-yet totally real, falsies looking lashes”, it would have anyone interested in trying it, if not a bit hesitant due to its price range and marketing strategy, so our blogger gives out her pros and cons in this mascara.


  • Gives lashes volume, length, and lift as promised

  • Slim packaging (not bulky like other ones in the market

  • Doesn’t clump up

  • Easy to apply


  • Expensive

  • Doesn’t truly give that “falsies” look as desired

Final Thoughts:

The lashes did in fact do much improvement for the volume and length like any other mascara does really. Compared to your usual everyday mascara, it is not far from it, and to her, it was nothing different nor special. However there are also a lot of brands out there whose mascaras gave their fair share of promise to give you “falsies” look but failed, so she was not at all surprised that Moodstruck didn’t meet the mark as with those other brands.

However, the formula was in fact super light-weight and despite applying layers of a coat her lashes didn’t feel heavy so she was overall satisfied with it. But considering the price point (quite expensive by the way), plus the fact that it wasn’t special, or doesn’t feel special to her compared to other brands makes her feel like it would be an investment that isn’t worthwhile.


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