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Resistance Bands Exercises for Beginners | with INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS

So, the selfish human in me created this post for myself. Since the whole coronavirus chaos began early this 2020, things are about to get different with workouts. Gyms are still closed upon writing. I don’t even plan on going back there in the near future for safety reasons. I’d rather lose my gains than my life. NOT! 

We just have to compromise with our workouts. If I had loads of cash I’ll set-up my home-gym, but I’m not rich. So I’ll just have to make do with my “home workout essentials” that we’ll use to replace our BIG 4. The 5 main weight lifts:  deadlifts, press, bench, squats, rows. But first, let me share with you my cute workout equipment at home LOL


My Home Workout Equipment


  1. Yoga Mat
  2. Resistance Bands 
  3. Cloth Glute Bands
  4. Loop Bands
  5. Push-up Bars
  6. Kettlebells (3kg, 6kg, 12kg)
  7. Speed Rope
  8. <dumbbells> (soon?)

I workout in a cramped space, which is my room. I can workout on our roof deck but it’s rainy season and I don’t wanna get wet. Space is good enough for swings, stretches, push-ups, lunges, squats, etc. Especially the main lifts that we’ll be replacing using resistance bands.


Legit Online Shops to Buy Home Workout Equipment

If you want to find out where I get my activewear, stay tuned!


How to do the 5 Major Lifts using Resistance Bands (deadlifts, press, bench, squats, rows)

I’m a noob with bands. Just like you. So I scoured the youtube for EASY TO FOLLOW tutorials on how to do the major lifts using bands.

#1 Deadlifts


#2 Benchpress


#3 Squats

#4 Shoulder Overhead Press

#5 Rows

There you have it folks! Actually, there are hundreds of exercises we can do using elastic bands. These are just what I consider as essential because they replace the 5 major lifts. The lifts we should learn when at the gym. 

I miss the gym.

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  • Hyun Jang Nim

    This is very helpful specially for someone like me na walang idea how to use this properly. The demo videos are great too, it helps to make sure that we are doing it properly.

  • Chriss Tabamo

    Thankyou for this mommy . Napaka helpful po talaga nito para sa aming lahat . Talagang need natin tong nga exercise na ito kahit nasa bahay lang natin. para mamaintain parin natin ang kalusugan natin. Tama po kayo talagang mas importante amg kalusugan natin lalo na sa panahon ngayon kaya need talaga natin tong mga ganitong exercise..

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