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How to compute your calories for weight loss

Now, I am not advocating extreme diets, nor am I currently practising weight loss. But there is much misinformation on the world wide web on losing weight that makes me worry for you guys. I saw many diet plans with excess calorie restrictions that can be quite unhealthy. 

It’s pretty simple. Weight = Calories out + Calories in. Calories out mean the energy spent throughout the day, plus our Total Metabolic Rate (TMR), which is how our bodies spend energy even if we’re just sitting or even sleeping.

There are several weight loss calculators online that you can use to compute your calories, but I found the one from Culinary Schools pretty accurate and detailed because it doesn’t require a drastic cut from your maintenance. 

Today I’ll share with you step-by-step instructions on how to compute for your calories if you’re planning to lose weight (but I highly suggest consulting a pro dietitian if you have the budget for it)

How to compute your calories for weight loss

Well, first, you need a basic understanding of calories and macros. These are two different but related things.

Well, “macro” is short for macronutrients. They’re the three categories of nutrients you eat the most and provide you with most of your energy: protein (P), carbohydrates (C) and fats (F).

Each gram of macro is equivalent to a certain number of calories:

  • Protein – 1 gram of protein has four calories
  • Fat – 1 gram of fat has nine calories
  • Carbohydrate – 1 gram of carbohydrates has nine calories

This is why I always emphasize that not all calories are created equal. We need all three to achieve a healthy and fit body, but it must be balanced. Too much or too little can cause problems in the long run.

To lose weight without restricting yourself to hunger, experts recommend that you determine your TMR and energy expenditure before using any weight loss calculators.

How to Use a Weight Loss Goal Calculator

Culinary Schools’ weight loss goal calculator is so easy to use. Simply fill in the required details, and they will e-mail you the results:

There are so many good things on their calculator that I appreciate. Not only does it help you calculate calories and macros needed to lose weight, but there are also options if you want to bulk (gain weight), maintain, or even lean gain! (gain muscle lose fat).

Sample Results of Calorie Computation

Ta-da! They present data in an easy to understand format, and it’s so detailed! They even have explanations below (even more thorough than what I have).


Final Thoughts

I’m currently on maintainance cals, but might go into a Lean Bulk come into summer for major strength gains. I’m defintely using their calculator for future reference too! (PS: They also have cool games for kids too)



For personal and private purposes, I input sample data and not my own 🙂

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