How to Fade Scars Using Sebo De Macho
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How to Fade Scars Using Sebo De Macho

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It’s an age-old remedy. Passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. Trying to heal a scar? My lolo said “Use sebo de macho!” I also had a college classmate named Joy who swore to this stuff and kept applying it minute after minute after she burned her hand.
Sebo de Macho is literally grease. FAT. It smells like filtered pork fat.
The question is, does it work?
I won’t go and loop you into circles for the answer. It depends on what type of scar, because I tried to use it on my scar due to the car crash accident and it didn’t entirely erase it.
  • For scars due to cuts – NO it does not work
  • For scars due to burns – NOPE
  • For newly acquired burn injuries aka fresh scars – YES
Make sure you apply it ASAP and religiously everyday as long as you can remember on the affected area and see that it you will not notice a scar once your wound is healed.
How to Fade Scars Using Sebo De Macho
You’re probably thinking what the heck is Sebo de Macho? It literally means “a man’s tallow”. Tallow is a fatty substance extracted from sheep. have you tried using this? Let us know and comment below fellow tallow user!
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  • charm jumalon

    Ginagamit ko to pag medyo hilom na ang mga sugat ng anak ko dahil sa pagkakadapa and it is effective. Pero sa CS scar ko malamang hindi to e-effect 😂

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