It’s all About the Base, Y.O.U Beauty Shares The Importance Of A Good Makeup Base

Whether you are going for an effortlessly no makeup look or leaning towards bold and playful  make-up trends, the best starting point to achieve any look is a good base make-up. Base  makeup helps to equalize the color of our skin and adds radiance to our skin. It also helps to  smoothen our skin and emphasize the colors and pigments that we add to our faces to complete  our look. 

Y.O.U Beauty believes in the importance of having good and healthy skin as the base of a great  makeup look. That’s why the brand continues to deliver skincare-infused cosmetic products that  will deliver pigment while providing our skin the nourishment it deserves. Here we run down a  simple and easy guide to work on your base make-up to achieve the look that you are going for. 

1. Prep Your Skin  

It is important to first prep your skin, before applying your base make-up, this will keep your skin  hydrated and moisturized for a supple and less patchy makeup look..Choosing a moisturizer  with ceramides can help to lock in moisture. Y.O.U Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream is  a choice of moisturizer as it doesn’t only moisturize your skin but it also strengthens and  supports skin barrier function thanks to Ceramide 1-3-6.  

2. Color Correct 

If you have dark circles, acne marks, and dark spots it will help to apply a color corrector first  before putting your foundation. Color corrector helps to neutralize and balance out skin  discoloration that concealers and foundation may not completely cover. Y.O.U Cloud Touch  Correcting Concealer Palette is a multi-functional creamy concealer that provides two  corrective colors and two concealer shades that can correct and conceal blemishes. It has  Ceramide and Centella Asiatica that help to hydrate and improve the skin barrier.  

3. Apply Foundation 

Finding the right shade for your skin tone can make all the difference. Swatch your foundation  first on your jawline if it blends on your skin you’ve found your perfect match. If you are looking  for a light to medium coverage foundation Y.O.U Cloud Touch Blurring Skin Tint may work for  you it is a lightweight skincare-infused blurring liquid foundation designed for acne prone skin,  enriched with Ceramide and Centella Asiatica Extract that instantly delivers soft-focused skin  filter effect 

4. Conceal 

If you still have blemishes that are visible after putting on a foundation, a good concealer can  help give your skin that flawless look. Apply Y.O.U NoutriWear+ Complete Cover Concealer  on areas that need extra coverage like under the eyes and dark spots. It is formulated with  

advanced Litestay™ technology, Immortelle C-lock Essence, and Centella Asiatica to boost  skin elasticity, hydrate, and calm skin..  

5. Set 

Setting powder helps your makeup base to last all day, it can also help to control excess oil,  give your base extra coverage, and add radiance to your face. Y.O.U Noutriwear Airy Fit  Loose Powder can help to prolong you makeup and control sebum up to 24H. It has Centella  Asiatica and Immortelle Flower Extract that helps boost collagen production and hydrates our  skin.  

6. Lock 

Makeup setting spray can help your makeup to look on point, it helps you to prolong your  makeup base and prevent it from sliding and creasing. Y.O.U NoutriWear+ Makeup Stay Lock  Mist is a nourishing setting spray, with a film-forming ingredient Filmexel®, Sodium  Hyaluronate, and Immortelle C- lock Essence, effectively helps lock in makeup for up to 12  hours.  

It is important that we take care of our skin, whatever our reason in putting on makeup always  remember that a good skin starts with proper skincare routine. Check out the latest products  and offering from Y.O.U Beauty through @youbeauty_ph on Instagram and Tiktok, get the latest  deals on our official stores in Shopee, Lazada,Tiktok Shop or visit select Watsons, SM Beauty,  Robinsons Department Store, Metro Retail, LCC Department Store, Gainsano Capital Group,  Prince Retail Group, KCC, Mart one and The Landmark.  


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