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Photo travelogue: Our trip to Bangkok, Thailand (2023)

So I’ve been busy, or lazy, or a little bit of both. Compared to Kikaysikat, I make sure that most stories published here on The Macho Mom are more personal, whether if its travelogues or prouct reviews. Which I’ve been doing less of, now that I have a day job that consumes most of my time writing – which in return makes me lazier to do so on my personal platforms because I already do it most days.

Here I am circling around thoughts, let’s go back to the story. Our trip to Bangkok, Thailand. We booked this on a regular fare on Cebu Pacific. So don’t expect any travel tips or how to save or whatnots.

  • We booked our flight via Cebu Pacific
  • We got our tours via Klook
  • We stayed in Bangkok Oasis Hotel

Geof and I wanted to go somewhere new, aside from Singapore, and Bangkok seemed like a nice idea, especailly since one of my bestfriend is there – Arvin. Another great thing about this travel is we get to bond with my brother Kurt! This is our second “solo sibling” trip together, the first one was in Coron, Palawan – also this year.

It’s been more than 2 months, and it’s my fault for not writing this story sooner so my memory is hazy; except for the photographs and videos I manage to take. Good god give me the right mindset to make a better travelogue next time!

So… I’ll upload our photos below, and I’ll caption according to whatever remains in my head. LOL


We stayed at Hop Inn Hotel the night before, because our flight is as early as 630AM. I think for schedules this early, sleeping over at a nearby hotel is the way to go. This way, you dont have to wake up so early, or stay up late at night just to catch it. Make sure you’re at least 3-4 hours in the airport before your actual flight, because the Philiippine airports are unpredictable. Including the immigration checks.

My default drink Vida-C and Geof with his Nova snack. Flight was more or less than 2 hours so we werent that hungry for full meals. I always thought, boosting up on Vitamin C while on the plane was a good thing hehe

I always get nervous during the runway and pre-take off 

Macho kid reserving his energy for the trip ahead

Happy days πŸ™‚

We were starving, so we decided to eat at our hotel’s restaurant. Prices were pretty steep! Compared to street food prices, but hey.. 

My brother had stir fried beef rice. His was the best.

Mine looked aesthetically pleasing but tasted the worst. CILANTRO! T_T

BKK Airport

Our hotel room

Hotel dog

Always happy to see him happy!

Well what did you know? Thailand also has bad traffic!Β 

Heart jumped (ay ang OA) when we saw someone selling fried chicken and chicken skin on the streets. Hey, I know we have the same in the PH, but uncle cooked the skin right, crunchy, less breading and not so oily! Wish we bought more!

Me taking photos of street food

Ended up eating giant beef rib soup, which I want able to eat that much because that green stuff you see there? CILANTRO. Which tastes to me, like soap…

Geof and his butter toast. This was inside another mall. Rama central I think?

Arvin bought me the OmagaxSwatch Mercury in Hong Kong. Got it for just 13,000php versus the overricing of scalpers and resellers here in the PH

We rode a Tuktuk on the way back to our hotel!

Ordered McDonalds as our midnght snack.. they have twister fries everyday.. a chicken pie.. and my favorite, deep fried bread with condensed milk dip….

Thai Milk Tea everyday

What’s nice about our hotel is that it’s quiet, and nature-oriented. Cons: It’s far from the center where the malls, and streetfoods are at. Also our hotel has an in-house smoking joint.

This tasted like.. Sago Gulaman when turned into soda

What’s nice about their Elephant Sanctuary is the animals are not chained, you’re not supposed to ride on them. Instead, we serve them. We fed them fruits and leaves, we gave them a nice mud bath.
This is why the elephants are happier here!

Videocalling Bingsu!

The buffet lunch served at the Elephant Sanctuary. Arvin wasn’t able to join us because he had work that day

Geof made paper out of elephant poop

Smoke weed everyday (IN THAILAND WHERE IT IS LEGAL)

It costs… around 650baht for a 1g kush

The hotel restaurant had lovely interiors

Smoking with the bro

The glorius skincare selection at 711 Thailand

Having fun and hanging out at the hotel. We were supposed to eat at a restaurant nearby, but got lost, so we ended up eating and taking out 711 food

DONT GET SCAMMED BY THE VENDORS. Before going to the temples, wear modest clothing.

There’s only one eatery outside the temples and it’s on the second floor. They have moderately priced food, and tasted nice! I can still remember how savoury and chewy my noodles were.. I can still remember the taste in my mouth…



The best part of the temples tour.. was the free cultural show

We rode a free bus going there πŸ™‚

I thnk this was Icon Siam?

They had a huge ass foodcourt and it was so crazy. It’s also hard to get seats! No matter what time!

Browsed through Watsons

Next of our tour, is the floating market. Where everything is overpriced! But the experience was great!

The crispy pancake was my favorite.. it had a crispy waffle base, whipped egg white cream, and sweet shredded carrots on top

THAI COFFEE was cheap

Pad thai here was good

Also their crab fried rice..

Ninong Kurt and baby Geof

Thai Milk Tea nanaman?!

Aside from trains and tuktuks, they also had ferries as a mode of transportation

Food court hits. Yes the photos are in random order. Just like how chaotic my mind is everyday.

Garrets!!!! Cheaper than in Singapore, but still expensive…

The night before…going back to the Philippines… night market shopping

Grilled monay and spreads lol

Tired but happy!

Ate all smiles for the sales. She grilled the buns, and generously spread margarine.. and spread.. I had condensed

Bags are packed and ready to go πŸ™

Thailand sending us off with a rainbow πŸ™‚

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  • Apart Cy

    Ohh this is so great and and memorable Bangkok Thailand Vacation Momsh
    Lalo ay Kasama Mo Si Geof & bro mo
    Ang Gandang Spots na napuntahan niyo pati Foods ang mukhang Masarap !!
    Enjoy talaga ang InYong Bakasyon Momshieee

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