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Jenna Essence Cococandies Review

I’m often enamored with local beauty products here in the Philippines. Should we start calling them PhBeauty? We do have KBeauty for Korea, and JBeauty for Japan :p

Is it the packaging? The detailed description? The ingredients they use? Or probably marketing LOL. I can’t help myself but go and try different products from rejuvenating sets, to soap bars. Speaking of soap bars, today we’re going to feature one from a local beauty brand, Jenna Essence. I’ve first heard of their brand thanks to my distributor friend Deann Sarmiento.

There are hundreds of resellers and distributors online so you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for this product hahahaha

I tried their rejuvenating kit a year ago when I was desperate to find a solution for my acne breakout. This year they recently launched their drink line (iReduce Coffee, iGlow Juice, iDetox MilkTea, iKeto Chocolate, etc). But that story would have to be told some other day.  

Continue reading below for my full review!

How much? 348 for a pack of 20 soaps


Jenna Essence Cococandies Description

Sad. I was planning to include the soap’s description in this review. But apparently, there isn’t any on their packaging. It has directions, storage condition, and a barcode though. 

What is the barcode for? I dunno.

Primary Ingredients

Water, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, castor oil, aloe vera extract, niacinamide, titanium dioxide, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, glycerine, colorant, fragrance


Variants & Ingredients

The packaging has a description for each variant together with their special ingredient.

Their selling point, and what also attracted me to purchasing a set is that a “kilo” of Jenna Essence Cococandies includes 20 soaps in 5 different variants. Each with a specific function and special ingredient.


Peaches & Cream

Active ingredient: Kojic Dipalmitate & Glutathione

  • Helps in skin rejuvenation
  • Helps reduce skin pigmentation
  • Helps exfoliate  sensitive skin
  • Helps lighten skin

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop

Active ingredient: Teatree & Papaya Extract

*comment: Where’s the lemon? lol

  • exfoliating and hydrating effects
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • help lighten skin


Mint Green

Active Ingredient: Calamansi & Coconut Milk

  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Helps lighten blemishes
  • Promotes healing of sunburns
  • Helps neutralize body odor


Purple Crumble

Active Ingredient: Witch Hazel & Grapeseed Extract

  • Helps soothe sensitive skin
  • Helps fight premature signs of aging
  • Facilitates oil control
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Helps tighten pores
  • Works as antioxidant

Blue Crush

Active ingredient: Cucumber, Guava, Salicylic Acid

  • Helps reduce acne breakouts
  • Promotes even skintone
  • Has antiseptic properties
  • Helps in skin hydration
  • Has exfoliating and smoothening effects


Jenna Essence Cococandies Review

Packaging – Super cute! The assortment of pastel colors would really catch your eye.

Scent – Upon opening the box, I wasn’t overwhelmed with the fragrance. They’re quite pleasant and mild. Commercial soaps like Dove or Safeguard smells stronger than Cococandies. It has a light fruit, citrus scent. On each soap. They smell the same. (for me). I don’t mind. But some folks would appreciate if their scents differ. It could be me.

Effectiveness  – Each soap color has its own “special function” right? I think this is a reach. I tried every color, for at least 2-weeks each to be able to distinguish any differences but nada. They all work the same. I found nothing special. 

It’s just a soap. 


It’s an amazing one! (albeit their similarities lol). Each variant effectively does the following

  • Gently exfoliates the skin. Gets rid of dirt, dead skin cells. Your skin instantly feels refreshed after use
  • Non-irritating. I use this on my face, and there’s no sting at all!
  • Moisturizing. While it’s great in exfoliating, it doesn’t make your skin dry
  • Anti-odor. My son Geof, uses the Lemon one and I noticed his “amoy pawis” smell isn’t as obvious as before
  • In regards to acne breakouts, I have to say it works! I have what you call butt pimples. I get acne around my bum area, and since using this, they’re gone!


Final Thoughts

The assorted variants have potential. It does! I hope they work more on making each individual soap differ more in terms of scent and effect. Honestly, most of the reviews and feedbacks available online are a bit of a stretch. Exaggerated. I mean. Don’t get me wrong. I sell this product in our store here in Batangas so this is not a “bash”. Just going to give both positive, and constructive feedback on this bath soap.

Happy Sunday! ^_


  • Mark Jay Calles

    Ang ganda ng packaging Ms. Kikay and also maraming pagpiiilian talaga? Nice Blog ma’am very informative? More Blogs to come❤️

  • Caren Bonito Arimado

    Ang colorful. .? ang gaganda lahat may benefits pero mas nagustuhan ko ung peach and cream with kojic and glutation super fan tlga ako ng kojic and gusto ko dn tlga mag lighten ang skin ko. ?

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