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Life lately: On pancakes and what’s eating my pie

Pancakes and pies. These are two metaphors that my loved ones made. Geof thought of it last week, saying we should use the word pancake as synonymous to tasks that we have to accomplish each day. While the pie was thought of by Ryan, who suggested I use it to visualise on how I split myself on different priorities in my personal life.

I’m thankful I found a bit of time and motivation to write on my blog. Im sure most of you visit here for my reviews or adventures, or my mental health musings. But here I am on another rambling, just to express what’s in my heart. It feels liberating to just have the platform to speak your mind right? 

My pie is split into self, parenting, love life, work, “social media career”, family, fun (which already includes all my hobbies like going to the gym, watching movies, playing games, reading movies), and friends. I felt like, with more freedom and flexibility that I’ve been blessed with, I feel at my busiest more than ever. How come? 

It’s either I’m really busy or just became plain lazy HAHAHAHA

My writing job allows me to work anytime, and anywhere, and even at just 4 days a week! Geof has been more independent especially ow that he’s already in his first year high school, and my boyfriend never demanding.

Why do I still feel that I don’t have enough time?!

Okay so I take Harvard classes once a week, and I’m just 3 more modules to go. 

I rarely go to blog events now because transport costs are just too darn high and I only go to events that are either paid, were worth it, or both. 

Maybe it’s the mindless scrolling on social media thats eating up my pie? I can’t deny the fact that maybe it is.. and I have to find the healthy border between being staying active on socials because Im an “influencer” jk.. and limiting my time there because it is not healthy.

Putting back my timer on my phone. Hope to come back on the blog with a nice sweet product review for y’all or another travelogue.




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