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Max Factor False Lash Epic FAIL (Review)

Don’t worry, this will be quick. Judging by the title you’d probably know by know that Max Factor False Lash Epic, disappoints. Why continue reading? So you can see for yourself.

I purchased a tube because it was on sale on BeautyMNL for 199PHP and I was on the look-out for a new mascara. This happens a lot because makeup like mascaras should be discarded within 3 months. Mascaras are one of the fastest I replace. My Holy Grail is from the Japanese brand Heroine Make (which reminds me I should write a review on that instead lol). But they no longer officially sell here and the prices are marked up way too much. What used to be 300+ for a tube now sells for 895++

Max Factor False Lash Epic

Give your lashes a boost with the ultimate eyelash enhancer, False Lash Epic Mascara. Create a full, fanned-out effect by sweeping the unique brush from root to tip, capturing every single lash to magnify and intensify. – Unique brush to capture every lash – Volume-boosting mascara – Silky black formula


Sounds good right of the description bat right? See? That’s what convinces us to buy the product in the first place. CLAIMS. Despite falseness. Maybe this is where they got the false part?

See? It’s clumpy. It smudges. In less than 2 hours I had panda-eyes and I wasn’t even sweating! The mascara cannot hold a curl to save its life. Disappointing.

I’d rather spend 895+ on a worth-it product than waste 195+ on something I’ll throw in the trash. Never again.


  • Hazel

    Awww sorry to hear about this epic fail of a mascara! Sometimes nakaka-tempt talaga itry especially naka-sale! And I love Heroine Make too! Didn’t know they used to sell here before? I make sure to buy from this brand when I’m in HK haha 😀 Anyway, Happy New Year, Kaycee!

    – Hazel

  • MJ

    Thank you for saving me from buying this mascara. From the packaging to its claims, it looks promising. Have you tried Loreal Lash Paradise? It’s my current fave!

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