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Our trip to Puerto Princesa Palawan (3D 4N)

This blog post is over two months due. Life has been so satisfyingly busy that I’ve been procrastinating writing our Puerto Princesa Travelogue. But here I am now, typing on my keyboard. Each year, nacho kid and I go to any island in the Philippines to beach hop or just experience nature. Our stop for this year? Puerto Princesa Palawan of course!

We took our favourite budget airline, Cebu Pacific, and surprisingly, has been more constant to date. We havent experienced any delays (so far!)

I chose Balai Princesa for our stay not just for their affordable rates, but because they are in the city centre, and has a hot jacuzzi tub just outside our room.

What I didnt like though is, they gave us a subpar room because I used my PWD ID. They gave us a basement room with no windows at all. Talk about prejudice!

Our first stop for the day is a Firefly Tour. It’s hard to take photos, so I suggest watching it in our Youtube Vlog instead. I thought it would be a mediocre tour but, it has been one of the best because of the food, the friendly staff and boatmen, and seeing hundreds if not thousands of fireflies that night. A magical, maybe once in a lifetime experience. Geof was truly happy.

We explored caves, mangroves, and Geof and Kaela ziplined. I was too much of a wuss to try it. One thing in particular I noticed on this island is the surplus of Lapu-lapu (Grouper fish). It’s always part of our meals, and in the buffets there was like unlimited supply of Lapu-lapu. Considering in Manila a fish would cost you thousands already!

There’s also a good KBBQ restaurant nearby. With a real auntie that will teach you how to properly eat samgyupsal lol.

More seafood! Lapu lapu, shrimp, pork ribs! Our next itinerary is island hopping and snorkling! Always a must!

Nacho kid pretending he cant swim.

The hotel jacuzzi

For our last day, and Geof’s birthday extravaganza, we rode bikes into the sunset, and had burgers ans pasta.

Another one for the books! Where to next?


  • Lizel Purcia

    So much fun In Palawan 😍
    Sure na maraming memorable happy experience na Naman si Geof and talagang nag enjoy sa magandang place plus masarap na foods

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Kaya isa din ito sa maganda puntahan na lugar na siguradong mag enjoy ka talaga. thank you for sharing your experience po in Palawan momsh and talagang nag enjoy din si nacho kid🤗

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