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    COVID-19: Children’s Mental Health Matters Too

    "The pandemic has been difficult, especially for kids who already struggle with depression and anxiety," says Brooke Gomez, LPC, a clinical therapist at Children's Health℠. "One of the things we advocate for mental health is reaching out, socializing and leaning on a social support system. But because of COVID-19, now we're telling families to do the opposite and stay socially distanced, to protect their physical health."

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    8 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Still Drink Milk Everyday

    I am not a milk drinker. I only drink milk when mixed with chocolate or strawberry or melon. I cannot take it as it is. I had poor nutrition, sickly, underweight. Who else should I blame but the people who raised me? That’s why when I became a parent, and gave birth to macho kid, besides exclusively breastfeeding him for 2 years. I want him to drink milk regularly.    Why Is it important for children to drink milk everyday?   1. Milk Is Rich…

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    Activities for Kids: Get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for Every Purchase of Promil 4

    Have you checked your child’s results using the Spot the Gift tool already? If not I urge you to do so right now! As in, right now. Promil 4 has an on-going promo where you get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for ever purchase of a 1.8kg Promil Four (select stores nationwide)   Our Pop-Up Theater Playtime! Macho kid’s results? Spatial relations, Linguistic, and Naturalist   We were so excited to set-up the pop-up theater only to happily discover that it’s already ready to use!…

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    What to Do in Boracay for 2 Days with Kids

    Hello guys! Sharing you my 2-day Boracay Itinerary via vlog when you’re travelling with kids. When I was single, and a lot younger. I traveled to Boracay for the beach parties, nightlife, and wild adventures. Now that I’m a mom, it’s time for serene, peaceful, calm relaxation activities! Sharing you what we did on those 2 days: Swimming Eating Island Hopping Kawa Kawa Hot Bath Snorkeling Chill   A promise meant to be kept.   Thanks to Air Asia Filipino, Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort, Bamboo…

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    How to: Make Your Own Slingshot | Easy Activity for Kids and Mommies!

    “Look mommy! Look!” Geof, or as we all know as Macho Kid excitingly tells me out loud that he just made something from scratch. A slingshot. “Who taught you how to make that?” I asked.  “Me lang“ I let out a proud sigh. With thoughts that he’s no longer the tiny baby I held in my arms. Nor was he the little kid crying because I was gone for 3 hours. He’s growing up each day, discovering new interests and hobbies. Even taste in food.  I’ll…

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    BOHOL BEE FARM I initially thought of writing a series of Bohol posts from our travel this year based purely on strategic SEO (search engine optimization. But I was so freaking uninspired that I procrastinated and delayed this for 3 months. Now I’m writing from my Heart. Hey, better late than never. Also See: Things to Do in Bohol Family Friendly Bohol Travel and Itinerary   WATCH OUR BOHOL VLOG: Our Lovely Stay in Bohol Bee Farm Matagal ko ng pangarap mag-stay sa Bohol Bee…

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    Is Your Child Gifted? Promil 4’s Spot the Gift App Can Help You Find Out Your Child’s Potential

    Have you asked your child lately what he/she wants to be when they grow up? Do you record their milestones? Their interests? Are there days you wonder if your child is gifted? “Jop, what do you want to be when you grow up?“ I ask him. More often than not I get a non-chalant answer of “I don’t know yet mommy“.   Macho kid is a child of many talents and I believe all our children are. Since they are after all still kids, they…

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    Lilo Little Locator Review | This might be the BEST Smartwatch for Kids

    Today I was feeling extra inspired to write this review for the Lilo Little Locator (Price: 3,990php) watch. Why? Just this morning macho kid sent me a couple of voice mails saying: “Mom! You forgot to include my art materials in my bag” “Mom, where did you put my tissue paper?” If he wasn’t wearing his Lilo Locator, I wouldn’t been able to rush back to school to get his missing items (yes. memory gap. signs of aging). I might have picked him up crying instead because of frustration…

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