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On Beauty Products: Where I Spend, Save, and Splurge

We all prioritize things differently. For example, buying a pair of 200 peso underwear makes me feel more guilty than buying a cup of 160php milk tea . Priorities. Just like how I’ll be sharing with you which beauty products I spend, save, and splurge on. Even my “splurges” are on a budget LOL


I also have my reasons. How about you? I’m curious how you budget your spending on beauty products!


Eyeshadow (singles)


The truth? I don’t own any singles. I purchase in palettes and they last a looooooooong time. Too long it even reaches it’s expiry date LOL



I don’t scrimp on sunscreen. It’s at the top of my skincare product priority list. I can never emphasize enough how UV Rays and exposure to the sun is the #1 cause of skin aging, discoloration, and wrinkles. 

That’s why I want my sunscreen to have high SPF, comfortable on my face, and doesn’t make me breakout. I haven’t found a “cheap” suncreen that does all of those. So I spend a bit. For eternal youth!



Whatever I put on a large part of my face, I never scrimp. I splurge on foundations and make bases mainly because the quality is just better (most of the time). My favorites come from Kanebo, Estee Lauder, Ellana, and MAC.

Honestly? These last me a long time because of good skin, I don’t have to use a lot that often.


Skincare (includes supplements)

Invest in good skincare and you never have to spend on too much makeup (charot!). I want a clean, clear base. I want to be confident when I wake up bare faced. From cleansers, serums, sunscreen, to supplements. This is where bulk of my “beauty budget” goes to. 

My favorites? Collagen, Fish Oil, Glutathione, Acids, and Sunscreens!



As a cream product, which has a short shelf-life (less than 1 yr tbh and prone to bacteria because it gets into contact with our saliva). I RARELY splurge on lip products, except on Dior Lipglow.

My favorites are from Maybelline and Sunnies Face


Blushes, Powders, Palettes

I buy 2-3 palettes, A YEAR. TOPS. Each palette last me 1-2 years too. I haven’t found a “cheap” palette that has the same quality as pricier ones. Most are chalky and we get what we pay for. So I don’t mind spending to get good quality makeup I can use for a long time.


Makeup Brushes and Tools

Cheap brushes are the worst. They fall out, can’t blend and distribute product evenly. I’m not a pro makeup artist either to splurge. So let’s meet halfway. My favorite brushes are from Ellana Cosmetics


Hair and Styling

I don’t even brush my hair daily. LOL. 


Soaps & Shampoo

Ever since my advocacy to lessen my waste, I’ve been a fan of solid shampoos and soaps. They actually last longer than the ones in the bottle, and even work better because of their pure ingredients.

My favorites are from: Maria Oilbularya, Rinse and Repeat, and Gaia


There you have it folks! My spending habits on beauty products, revealed. LOL. How about you? How do you budget yours? 🙂


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