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On FOMO and fading into the background

Enough. I cant sleep because I feel like Im not doing enough. My mind is wandering because it feels like it should be doing more.

Gone are the days when I have the time, or drive to post beauty reviews, post live grwm videos, etc.

I feel like because of it, Im slowly forgotten, fading into the background.. and it is all my fault.

I allowed it to happen because I spent too much time at rest. I spent too much time for myself, but is it a mistake?

I have so many ideas in my head, things I want to share with you guys, but there’s this part where I ask myself: Do I need to follow algorithms? Do I need to follow trends? If I dont, would there still be an audience?

I just want to be me; and hope others can ressonate or relate to my thoughts or experiences.

I had to write this down, and even post it, or else these thoughts would just stay in my head, and it would go on countless replays of anxiety and restlessness.

Tomorrow is another day, maybe I can try again.


  • Apart Cy

    Hi Momshie
    Mahigpit na yakap po 🤗🤗
    You’re doing well po and You’re enough
    Mas deserved NiYo po irelax yung katawan mo and Your mind
    May araw at panahon na magagawa mo ay mga bagay na Gusto Mong gawin,
    Kahit ako nakakarelate sayo momshie ❤️❤️❤️
    At Basta lagi mo lang aalagaan Yung Sarili Mo🤗🤗🫰🏼

  • Ivan Carlo Jose

    Na-voice out mo yung exact same thoughts ko. Never na nga ako nakilala as a blogger, di pa ko naka-keep up sa social media trends, ngayon pati blog traffic ko inubos na ni Google. Proud na proud ako dati sa blog stats ko, now wala na ko mapagmalaki. Dream ko dati magkaroon ng travel-related projects, now mukhang bye-bye na sa dream na yun coz wala na din ako maooffer in return.

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