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    On Beauty Products: Where I Spend, Save, and Splurge

    We all prioritize things differently. For example, buying a pair of 200 peso underwear makes me feel more guilty than buying a cup of 160php milk tea . Priorities. Just like how I’ll be sharing with you which beauty products I spend, save, and splurge on. Even my “splurges” are on a budget LOL   I also have my reasons. How about you? I’m curious how you budget your spending on beauty products!   Eyeshadow (singles)   The truth? I don’t own any singles. I purchase…

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    REVIEW: Happy Skin Ready to Glow Powder Foundation

    Happy Skin Powder Foundation 11

    I’ve been putting this review on hold for weeks, months even. I’m not even busy! (somewhat) since I let go of one of my clients to focus on my personal brands. But in those days I kept Happy Skin’s Ready to Glow Anti E-Aging Powder Foundation in my makeup bag and became my go-to face base when I need to look decent in the grocery or supermarket. That’s all we go to these days right? Haha!  Okay, I won’t blabber too much, let’s start reviewing…

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    Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder Review | Mask-ne Protection?!

    I barely wear any makeup now. Since the pandemic started last March and everyone is still on stricter lockdowns, I just haven’t found the reason to put on a full face, even on Zoom meetings. It could be just me. Honestly, I envy those who still find inspiration wearing full layers of eyeshadow, blush, contour, and the works. I hope one of these days I’ll feel motivated enough to wear maybe half of what they put on. But for now, a translucent powder,  a tinted…

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    Review: Ellana x Project Vanity Life-proof Eyebrow Pencil

    Kamusta naman ang kilay naten? (How are your brows?). It’s been almost 3 months since lockdown and I’ve been DIY-ing my way through everything. From cutting my hair to shaping my brows. And I’m so glad I was able to score these Life-proof Eyebrow Pencils from Ellana, in collaboration with Project Vanity.    You can get your Ellana Products here   They already worked together previously on their Life-proof Eyebrow Gels that came in pot form. It got dry too fast and it was a…

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    REVIEW: EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Spotlight

    wooooah a makeup review? Yeah, I know it’s been awhile. Brand: EB AdvanceProduct: Glow Out Highlighter in SpotlightPrice: 199phpWhere to Buy? Watsons, Mercury Drug, Beauty Section of Department Stores Nationwide It’s also been a few months since I’m battling depression. It’s not the usual “sadness“. Being diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder, I struggle between shifts of mania or depression. It can span from days, to weeks, months, and worse case scenario; years. Enough about that, and more about the make-up. Sorry. See? 🙁 Tara…

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