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Summer Activities for Kids | Let’s Keep Our Kids Happy Busy, and Productive!

What is your child doing this summer? 

I remember the good ol days when I was a kid myself. Because of the lack of technology, I spent summer in the province, learning how to sew, cross stitch, and play with my cousins. In this time around, our kids have the double-edged sword benefit of owning gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and gaming devices. They can spend the whooooole summer playing video games, but then what?

What are the alternatives? Here’s a list of activities our kids can join so they learn something useful when they grow up and still have fun!


Productive Activities for Kids this Summer

  • Music –  Music lessons require study, memorization, and practice, children understand more about their learning style and how their brain processes information. They quickly develop techniques for breaking down a new piece, absorbing critical components, and practicing it so they feel ready to perform it. This approach transfers to concepts they face in school and at work.
  • Art – Mastering skills, completing art projects and learning to express themselves in new ways helps kids gain confidence and perseverance. These things also help kids come up with positive emotional responses to stressful situations. Time-dependent projects, like waiting for paint and glue to dry, encourage patience, which is tough for most kids. Concentrating on a project for long periods also develops focus and longer attention spans.
  • Ballet  – Ballet is an intense physical activity, one that requires muscular strength, flexibility, and stamina. In order to achieve the skills required of them as they progress in their training, young dancers will be encouraged to stay healthy and fit. By starting your child in ballet classes, you’ll help them learn good physical and nutritional habits that can help them throughout their life. 
Group Of Children Enjoying Drama Class Together
  • Theater – Acting class requires that students learn how to listen. All theater requires attention to cues, lines, and dialogue. In order to deliver your line, you have to listen for the one that precedes yours. Actors also need to be prepared to respond to changes in dialogue or delivery. If a castmate fumbles her line or alters her intensity or energy, you’ve got to be ready to follow up in a way that makes sense in a given context. Plus, there’s the fact that listening on stage has to appear genuine to the audience.
  • Dance – There is no doubt that, even with the finest tutors, learning how to properly dance takes a lot of work. From learning how to body pop in a hip-hop routine to mastering some proper, classic ballroom material, it takes a lot of time. By undergoing lessons, your child learns the vital dynamic of persevering until they succeed.

I macho kid to spend his time not only having fun, but learning at the same time. I’m considering to enroll him in one of the Promil I-Shine’s Talent Camp for art classes. He’s always been interested in crafts, like building battle ships or even assembling his own puzzle-clock. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be as successful as the past i-shiners below!


Successful Past I-Shiners – Where are they now?

Worth Lodriga has placed in various local and international competitions and has won the title of Little Picasso, but it is not his awards nor his skill that makes the 8-year-old a potential National Artist in the making.


Esang de Torres  played the lead role in the Manila run of Broadway’s Tony Award-winning Matilda the Musical  November 10 of last year. This is her first lead role in a Broadway musical. A review of the show’s preview night reveals a standing ovation for de Torres and how she has significantly improved her voice since her stint on The Voice Kids.


Shaira Luna, among others, was known as a “gifted child” and a “Promil kid”, having been featured in Wyeth’s infant formula ad in 1995. Luna is currently a fashion and advertising photographer represented by the international creative talent agency Jed Root Manila


Who knows? You might discover your kids potential in talent by letting them join classes this summer based on their interests.







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