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RECIPE: Crispy COMBI ice cream parfait

Hi everyone, it’s so nice of you to stumble upon here again. Geof, as well as a lot of kids worldwide has been stuck indoors for God knows how long. As parents, we should do our Their world might seem “small” but as parents, we should do our best to keep them happy and healthy 🙂


Who would’ve thought that an undomesticated momma like I am would post another recipe on my blog. This onle means one thing: Even the most “non-cook” can do this with their kids. Trust me, and it’s delicious too. Today we’ll be making a crispy ice cream parfait using COMBI! 

It’s a fun small world after all ♥


Crispy ice cream parfait using COMBI

Do you remember ice cream parlors? Where kids and adults can order fancy desserts? We’re going to make something like it. A combination of different flavours, textures, and temperatures. All we need are:


  • COMBI – Any flavor you prefer
  • Ice Cream – Any flavor
  • Extra toppings like marshmallows, candies, syrup (optional, I didn’t even use them haha)


  1. In a large bowl, ground your COMBI to powdery bits, as fine as possible. This will be our “cake base” that we’ll layer for the ice cream. Geof chose chocolate!
  2. While pounding your COMBI, you can leave your ice cream outside to soften a bit
  3. Put a layer of powdered COMBI, then a scoop of ice cream, then another layer of powdered COMBI, then another ice cream until your cup is full
  4. Top with your toppings. Geof and I chose the easiest one, another flavor of COMBI! Strawberry this time. 


Final Thoughts


What’s nice about this recipe is it’s soooooooo easy to make. Your output doesn’t have to look perfect, what matters is you get to bond and have fun with your kids like I did 🙂 I choice COMBI as my filling of choice in my parfait because it already has a combination of different textures since it’s a biscuit, wafer, and cream in one sandwich. It’s not too sweet and with a hint of salt that makes it all flavorful. 


Trust me. You’ll love it. Try it yourselves mommies and daddies and ate’s and kuya’s or lolo’s and lola’s! 




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