Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

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Where to eat good food in Boracay? Hmm..Some of Boracay’s restaurants has set a new standard for my taste buds, and I miss them so. I’m confident in my recommendations because before going to the island I made sure to ask my friends who’ve been there, stayed there, and live there. Not only that, I scoured every review on TripAdvisor because I want our stay to be worth it. Good food makes a good vacation don’t you agree?


Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay

(not in any order)

  • Nagisa Japanese Restaurant
  • Little Wave Cafe
  • Lemoni Cafe
  • Dos Mestizos
  • D’ Talipapa
  • Real Coffee
  • Jony’s
  • ChaCha’s 
  • Mr.D La Bettola Boracay


Nagisa Japanese Restaurant

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 3 (as in sa pinakadulo/edge of the island)

Review: I can’t stop and won’t stop raving about Nagisa. This was actually our last stop before going back to Manila and the long walk was worth it. It’s literally situated at the end of Station 3. You can opt to ride an e-trike going there, but we wanted to savor our last hours on the coast so we walked.

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Okay, food is the BOMB. We ordered ramen, green curry, takoyaki, sashimi, and curry soba. Now I think I can tell if it’s a bit legit because I did visit Tokyo a few years back hehe. Japanese food here tastes more authentic than the ones in Manila. Probably because the Japanese owner is hands-on in the kitchen? 

Recommendation: You should not miss their Takoyaki balls. It’s crispy on the outside, chewy soft on the inside, and it’s filled with umami meat with a hint of smokey burnt flavor. It’s to die for huhu. Best takoyaki I’ve tried in my life. I miss it already.


Lemoni Cafe

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 2, Inside D’Mall

Review: So good I ate here twice. Pardon the bad lighting, they do have bad lighting inside the resto so albeit these aren’t as instagrammable as I want them to be lol.

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Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021) Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021) Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Their menu ranges from pastas, rice meals, cakes, and cookies. The menu is vegan-friendly and they indicate what ingredient is included in your food. Geof loves their pasta, and I love their cakesssss

Recommendation: Salted Caramel Cake. It may look small but it packs a punch of flavour. It’s not too sweet, has a rich chocolate taste and the salted caramel balances everything out. I love!


Dos Mestizos

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 1

Review: I wasn’t able to eat here during my visit back in 2019, so I told my friend Joel that we must! The restaurant serves Spanish cuisine.They have a wide assortment of Tapas (appetizers) and the flavourful Paella generously filled with meat and seasoned wonderfully.

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)
Oops sorry all gone hahaha

Recommendation: You must try their duck fat-liver patte! It gave me high cholesterol but it’s worth it. Their seafood paella.


D’ Talipapa

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 2 (eskinita)

Review: Here’s where you’ll find the freshest seafood, but be careful of scammers. Go directly to D’Talipapa and order directly. There are a few locals you’ll “recommend” you to the place, only to charge you twice for “fixing” your visit. 

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021) Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021) Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

There’s a fresh seafood market in front of every restaurant so you’ll get to choose. Then have the restaurants do a “Paluto” to transform your purchase into any dish. Fried, soup, grilled, baked. 

Recommendation: Chili Crabs, Garlic Butter Shrimp, Clams, Fried Lapulapu. 


Real Coffee

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 2

Review: They’re known for their Calamansi Muffins (which my friend absolutely lovesss) but I visit here for the coffee, french toast, and the view!

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Recommendation: Elvis French Toast (peanut butter, banana, on wheat bread with honey), Capuccino.



Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 1

Review: One of the few places in Boracay that stood the test of time. It’s where they sell the smoothest smoothies. I miss their Papaya shakes. When we visited here in 2021, they only served Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate. 

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Recommendation: Bring back your Papaya shakes please.



Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 2

Review: Last but not the least, where we stayed. Chacha’s is the in-house restaurant of Botique Hotel Coast. They serve a huge-ass breakfast tray with their soup of the day, bread bowl, fruits, butter, and jam. It’s so filling you might think twice about ordering an extra (breakfast is free for hotel guests).

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Geof love’s their chicken and pancakes. While I love their mixed grill which consists of shrimps, pork, and chicken satay. Servings is also huge, an order is good for two. 

Recommendation: Chicken and pancakes, ube champorado


Mr.D La Bettola Boracay

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Location: Station 2

Review: You want good pizza? Here’s where you’ll find the best pizza in Boracay. They use the freshest ingredients, as in they literally have a garden in front of their restaurant. And their pizza is brick oven baked. Yum.. The crust is crispy, the bread is chewy and you know the pizza is good if it still tastes good cold LOL. 

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Thanks to my friend Jea for recommending this place! Your mom is right about the coffee too, absolutely amazing.

Recommendation: Margherita, Mozzarela Sticks.


Conclusion – Food in Boracay is Awesome

Now this list might be short of a few, or you might comment why a certain restaurant isn’t mentioned. It’s probably because I didn’t have enough time, or space in my stomach to dine at every restaurant in Boracay. If you know more, please do tell me, as we’d always visit Boracay (ít’s an island close to our hearts)

Where to Eat Good Food in Boracay (2021)

Oh before I almost forget, huhu if you’re looking for good coffee and great food in Boracay visit Little Wave Cafe at Station X. They have unique drinks, and their beans and machines come from EDSA bevarage. Basta masarap. Especially “The Little Wave”, a capuccino topped with salted cream huhu so good.



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  1. Its really amazing to have a recommendation from those people who have been in the place for you to save more time looking for what you wanted. I really like your recommendation about the place to eat if we ever visited Boracay. That Nagisa restaurant is no doubt a Japanese restaurant because you can tell it by its name. As far as I can remember Nagisa is also one of the name of an anime character with the title ‘ Assassination classroom ‘. I really wanted to try their food because it really looks amazing and delicious since the owner is hands-on the kitchen. Thank you so much for this recommendation.

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