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REVIEW: ColourPop Brown Sugar Palette (Photos, Swatches)

I’m guilty of being one of the people who hoards makeup just because it’s cute, but in reality don’t get to use it at all. Feel me? Season after season we get a new makeup collection release and our we can’t control ourselves. That’s why it feels amazing to find a product that you reach out for, over and over. It’s what Colorpop’s Brown Sugar Neutral Brown Eyeshadow Palette (15usd) is for me. 

Worth it? Continue reading below.


Color Pop Brown Sugar Palette Description

Add dimension with 6 matte shadows and a pop of glitz with 3 metallic shades. Wear it alone to create your everyday look or pair it with your favorite colourful palette for transitions and depth. She’s your new go-to!



  • chai: matte soft yellow beige
  • jamocha: matte mid-tone yellow brown
  • amber: matte muted rust orange
  • ginger: metallic golden peach
  • auburn: metallic warm bronze
  • sauté: metallic icy brown with a green and gold duochrome sheen
  • sorrel: matte deep cool brown
  • henna: matte charcoal brown
  • choc: matte reddish brown



Used the Colorpop Brown Sugar Eyeshadow Palette in this Video

Packaging – It comes in a thick brown plastic palette, with a large built-in mirror. Wish they used cardboard packaging because it’s sturdier, especially for drops and accidents. 

Color – It has a nice mix of matte, warm, brown tones and 3 shimmer if you want to add dimension to your look. A base color in Chai and I love using Sorrel or  Jamocha for my crease

Texture – Every shade is smooth, creamy and pigmented except for Henna. Which is disappointing because it was supposed to be charcoal brown but comes off as washed-out gray. It was also difficult to get the colour to show up because of it’s hard texture. 

Longevity – I forgot to use a makeup remover before going to the shower, so after bathing myself, I looked in the mirror and got surprised. I still got my shadow on, even after washing my face with soap and water. It also lasted the entire day with minimal creasing and retouch. Impressive.


Final Thoughts

They weren’t kidding when they told us we’ll reach for this palette everyday. I did. It’s been a staple in my makeup bag because. You won’t go wrong using any color combination with this eyeshadow palette. 

Now I’m not the experimental kind-a-gal when it comes with playing with the eyes. I usually keep it either neutral or smokey. This one can deliver both. You can go day to night with ease. 




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