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Careline Multi Pot Review – A 3CE Multipot Dupe?

Hi mga anak! This is totally random but today we’ll be reviewing Careline Multi Pot in Abracadabra. A quick story on this:

I was doing a GRWM video on FB Live and have 2 cream blushes in my kit, Careline’s and 3CE Multipot. In similar color! A deep shade of cool red. I did an experiment and applied one brand on each side of my face and lo-behold, they’re dupes of each other! But are they really?

Continue reading my review below šŸ™‚

Product Description

Always on-the-go and looking for your handy, all-in-one makeup? Careline Multi Pot is your perfect match! Its cream to powder finish will let you achieve a natural looking blush, healthy looking lips and a pop of color on your lids!

  • Brand – Careline
  • Product – Multi Pot
  • Price – 159php

Careline Multi Pot – Photos & Swatches

Top: 3CE Bottom: Careline

Careline Multi Pot Review

Okay, would you believe I’m wearing 2 different blushes on each side of my face? Look closer. Here, I even split them up so you can see better.

PackagingĀ wise, 3CE Multipot wins hands down. With its sleek gold exteriors, and a built-in mirror. It’s packaging also survived multiple drops already from my clumsiness. Careline’s is encased in a white plastic case.

FormulaĀ wise, Careline Multi Pot has a thinner but softer consistency. It glides on smoother and less drying than it’s more expensive counterpart. 3CEĀ is dry and needs warmth and a few rubs to get the pigment off the pot.

ColorĀ wise, 3CE Multipot is more saturated, with a few swipes enough for both cheeks and lips. To get the same amount of color, I had to do around 3 layers of Careline’s. 3CE has a more muted, cooler shade of red too. Subtle difference and you won’t hardly notice at all.

On lasting power,Ā Careline Multi Pot, unfortunately, wore off in around 3 hours of wear. Leaving no stain, or color whatsoever on my cheeks and lips. I’m assuming it’s because of its formulation. 3CE lasted the entire day. So yes, I had to re-apply so I won’t look weird that only half of my face has color LOL

Final Thoughts

I must say it’s a good enough dupe, if you can’t shell out 1k++ for a multi pot from 3CE. It gives off a similar vibe and color, and for 159php I won’t mind retouching at all. The product is also easier to work with because of it’s thin and softer consistency!

I hope you enjoyed my review, comparison, and swatches! Til next time ^_^

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