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Review: Dr. Morita Whitening and Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask

I’m currently wearing the mask as of writing; this evening. We’re going to review Dr. Morita Whitening and Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask.

Hi friends. As you all know every school vacation, me and macho kid stay in Manila at his great-grandparents house. They’re old and we want to be with them as long as possible. Speaking of age, one of my goals is to stay young-looking as long as possible. From collagen supplements, sunblocks, and acids. I’ve recently discovered the joys and doubts of face masking. 





Dr Morita Whitening and Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask 7 Dr Morita Whitening and Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask 7



Dr Morita Whitening and Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask 1

I love a mask that’s soaking wet with serum. That’s where Dr. Morita’s masks take pride in that, besides delivering only the purest and best ingredients in each sheet.

You leave the sheet mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. No more than that, or else you’ll risk experiencing reverse osmosis.

What is reverse osmosis? I learned this from the Project Vanity friends on facebook in where instead of absorbing moisture, your face will dry out and your moisture will go to the mask. Literally draining your youth! Hahaha


So, I’m staying here in Manila right? Almost all my skincare products are left in Lipa and I have nothing here but facial wash and sunscreen. Oh noes! Thank goodness they sent me a box of these masks. The Whitening part is not really literally changing your skin color. It means revealing brighter and more luminous skin with mild exfoliation.

It has one of my favorite skincare acids: Mandelic Acid which is extracted from apples. It gently sloughs of rough skin, while moisturizing it with Hyaluronic Acid.

Overall I’m in love with this mask and I’ll most likely repurchase and recommend.


I have big eyes so that sheet doesn’t fit perfectly on my face. I had to tear of the eye part so the serum won’t go into my eyes =_=




  • Queen A

    Hindi ako masyado mahilig sa mask ksi nakakatamad haha. Pero sarap din nian pangrelax. Ganda din naman nung luminous effect. Lakas maka koreana skin.

  • charm jumalon

    I’ve been using masks for years now and sometimes I leave them on my face for too long (kase nakakatulog ako). Hindi ko alam yung reverse osmosis na yun! Ngayon lang, because of you! Thank you big time! Now I know na hindi ok na patuyuin ang mask sa mukha. ?

  • Mary joy gampas

    Thanks for the review ms.kaycee ? sa science class ko unang narinig ung reverse osmosis, akalain mo applicable din pala sya sa face mask ??? san po ito nabibili? Meron kaya sa watsons? Thank you. ?

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