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REVIEW: Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink

Today we’ll be highlighting my honest to goodness review on Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink. Did you guys know that by the time you hit 25, skin starts to age faster, collagen production slows down and wrinkles start to show. That’s if you don’t start prevention early! Scroll down to the bottom for the full review


  • What? Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink
  • How much? 2,500php for 1 bottle good for 1 month (30 days) / 16ml a day. Measuring Cup Included.


I’m glad my vanity and love for beauty allowed me to start using sunblocks, glutathione, collagen, placenta, and other anti-aging products to prevent early signs of skin-aging. Heck, not to carry my own boat but, a lot of people still mistake me for someone in their early 20’s (ehem forever 21)! That’s why now that I’m turning 30 next year, I’m more obsessed than ever in anti-aging products vs skin whitening.

What is Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink?

Placenta is a real treasure for women. In placenta, you can find vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipid and sugar, 5 of the essential nutrients, essential amino acid being also plenty included. It is an excellent nutrient for women, not only making the skin more transparent and shiny, but also bringing you a vivid mood every day. (taken from japanese website)

Fracora Placenta Liquid Drink Ingredients

Placenta liquid 150000 (480 ml), Placenta 150,000mg.  It contains a concentrated combination of natural beauty care ingredients that give you vigor like collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin peptide and vitamins, along with royal jelly and asian ginseng extract.

* 1 Raw materials conversion (for 480 mL placenta extract concentrated powder 10,000mg)

How to Take / Directions / Usage

It has a measuring cup included. So just take 16ml of the liquid once a day. I take this in the morning. You can take this any time of the day. Since this is liquid, the placenta and other nutrients is instantly absorbed in our body. Making the effects show immediately.


Fracora Placenta Liquid Review

Taste – It tastes like lychee mixed with… fish. I have to pinch my nose every time I take this because honestly, it tastes gross

Texture – It’s thinner than milkshake, thicker than juice or water. It’s not carbonated like sodas but the measly amount of 16ml can easily be taken within 1 gulp

Price – If you can afford spending 2,500 every month for your vanity I salute you! If I was filthy rich I’d buy this every month.

Short Term Instant Effects – This, together with other liquid supplements works as soon as you take it. Well, a day after that is. Your skin looks tighter, and yes they hit it right with “shiny”. Your skin glows with radiance, that it looks like a shiny pokemon. Not oily. Shiny. Like really taut (banat)

Long Term Effects – While taking this product, I notice my eyebags lifted and less visible. The lines on my forehead also disappeared. I took this for 1 month.

Now I am out. My bottle is empty. If I buy another bottle my pocket will be empty but will it be all worth it? I suggest that you go try a bottle and see for yourself. We can “maintain” with a more affordable supplement. I recommend this to ladies who are single, ready to mingle and look extra special.


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