Timezone opens two branches in the North and the South

Northern Quezon City residents of all ages can treat themselves to a new, sprawling entertainment destination with a host of fun activities, as the premiere family entertainment center brand, Timezone, opens its largest venue in the Philippines at Ayala Fairview Terraces. The new Timezone location is a spalling 2,800 square meters and packed with thrilling attractions, classic and trending high-octane arcade games, and immersive VR zones that are sure to bring out the child in everyone, no matter their gaming style.

This newest entertainment zone is the first-ever venue in the Philippines to have more than 160 of the latest arcade games, the famous Hologate VR attraction, the ever-popular Spin Zone Bumper Cars, and much more—ensuring maximum enjoyment for all age groups and cementing Timezone as the destination to have a great time together with family and friends. As with all Timezone venues, the experiences are designed for all age groups to play together—whether it’s families bonding with their kids, couples going on a date, or work colleagues and friends having a friendly challenge. On top of that, this venue also boasts Timezone’s largest Prize Shop ever, with a gallery of attractive prize incentives for the ultimate Play-&-Win enjoyment.

Timezone Philippines President & General Manager Raffy Prats says, “Timezone’s new venue at Fairview Terraces—is an experience like no other. Levelling up the entertainment experience with world-class arcade games and attractions, Timezone is sure to win over audiences, young and old alike. Our indoor family entertainment concept provides an immersive and competitive environment that allows visitors of all ages to have a blast while spending quality time with each other.”

The Fairview location is the latest branch of the Australian family entertainment chain, which has long ago established itself in Filipino culture as a site of lively and spirited outings. Visitors can choose to hang out at four full-lane bowling alleys or six short-lane bowling alleys for some fun competition or relax at the Let’s Eat snack bar, in addition to the expansive gaming area. Mainstays like the Basketball Zone, Ping-Pong Zone, Premium Music Booths, and Party Rooms round out Timezone as the top choice entertainment destination for all happy occasions.

Prats points out, “This branch is our largest venue to date and has the most number of amusement attractions in one location. The fact that there is no other Timezone venue like it makes this particular venue very special. We are excited to welcome families and friends and we have exciting offers and prizes to kickstart their fun.”

Timezone at Ayala Fairview Terraces is ready to welcome guests with an amazing Fun App exclusive offer – P500 worth of game credit for a purchase of P500 Powercard load. This offer is valid from March 10-16,2023 only. 

With activities going back to pre-pandemic level, people are excited to do what they have missed in the last two years, including enjoyment at amusement centers and game parks.

In time of the happiest season of the year, Timezone Greenbelt 3 reopens this December 2022 with new offerings assuring everyone a fun-filled time spent with family and friends.

According to President & General Manager Raffy Prats, they have added 50 or so brand new amusement machines making a total of more than 90, short lane bowling, billiards, VR games, premium karaoke rooms, party rooms and a large Prize Shop. There are also their new architectural design elements, he added.

The four lanes of short lane social bowling has been exclusively manufactured for Timezone; the billiards hall is perfect for friends to unwind after work as well as a venue to have quality bonding time with family; and the VR Warship Simulator Ride brings thrilling adventures through 9D virtual reality.

The Prize Shop allows guests to walk through the prizes redemption area to redeem their prize; and there is a Party Room for any kind of celebration that give a complete fun experience.

While baby boomers, Generation X and millennials may have been used to tokens to enjoy the games, everyone along with Gen Z’s now have the convenience of using powercards.

“Powercards are much better than tokens as they are convenient, hygienic and modern – not bulky, heavy and unhygienic like tokens. With the option of upgrading to an RFID tap card, guests can now tap their cards for an instant game credit compared to swiping them,” Prats said.

Mr. Prats also revealed that the majority of players come from the 20 to 29 age bracket pre-pandemic but patronage is even higher now – getting all ages and not just the 20 to 29 age bracket. He foresees that family entertainment gaming in 2023 and beyond will be booming.

A lot of players still like traditional games, like billiards and bowling are holding up pretty well to hi-tech games as many guests still find these games as fun and engaging, Prats explained.

Dozens of new games are already in the Greenbelt venue and dozens more are in the pipeline in the near future, even for children below 10 years old who may enjoy social bowling most with their parents.


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