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REVIEW: Ellana OG BB Foundation (Original Glow)

The weird feeling that my breakouts and pimple problems are turning a year old soon. While coping and trying to clear up my acne-laden skin, I had to cover them up. Especially when attending photo shoots, meetings, or events. Before Ellana OG BB Foundation came along, I was using all sorts of high-coverage foundations.

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Sure they can cover the zits alright, but were they good for my skin? Nope. I felt like wearing them during the day made me pimples worse.

That’s when I was asked to try and review Ellana’s latest face product, of course I said yes! It was a wish come true for me. I was already begging the team, and even their founder/my friend, Theresa, to come up with their very own BB Cream! Ellana is the best when it comes to fusing skincare + makeup. #realtalk

Let’s start our review shall we? (comes with a bonus vid below!)

Ellana OG BB Foundation

Blending skincare and makeup in one. Our Original Glow BB Foundation combines the sin-enhancing benefits of a BB Cream with the daily coverage of foundation. This medium coverage blend provides SPF 50 with Ellana’s Mineral Skin Shield Technology.

Enriched with Green Tea and Bluberry antioxidant extracts, our OG BB Foundie ensures that oh-so-subtle glow without shine for radiant, healthy, fresh looking skin.

You’ll love putting our Original Glow BB Foundation every day, and you’ll love what it does to your skin even more!




Okay guys, I have to say first and foremost that a little goes a long way. I made a mistake of squeezing a fat pea-size and it was TOO MUCH. Make it half, and tap tap tap it on your face and neck before spreading it out for perfect application. If you need more coverage, layer when needed.


It gives the most beautiful, silky, glowy, velvety finish on the face. Making your skin look 200X better. It doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores, nor get too cracky. It can suit ALL skin-types whether you’re dry, normal or oily. Personally, I have combination-acne prone skin. It covered 70% of my redness on the first layer, and 90% on the second, without looking too cakey.

After 12 Hrs of Wear

I mean, wtf. It even looked better as the day went on! This is under natural sunlight with no filter. After 12-hours of wear, including gym-time. Adding to the fact that it has skincare benefits and a whopping SPF 50. You know how addicted I am to sunscreens because it’s the #1 best way to prevent wrinkles and ageing. White flashbacks? NONE. I wore this during a couple of my modelling sets and it gave zero whitecast. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

It doesn’t aggrevate or worsen my acne. Placebo or not I think it’s even helping to improve my skin condition! (see ending of video to see how my face looks like after wearing this for 1 week already)

Final Thoughts

Skincare. SPF. Flawless Coverage. What more could I ask for? They’re surely right when they put in the description that it’s so good you’ll use it everyday. I will. Everyday. Especially for busy moms like me who doesn’t have the time of day to layer on a lot of skincare & makeup during the day. With Ellana OG BB Foundation, I can just wash my face, tone, use their BB Cream and I’m good to go!

So much looooooooove! My heart is happy with this makeup! I highly recommend. Let me know if you already try this and I’d love to know what you think tooo 🙂


  • Charm

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about Ellana especially their mineral powder but I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet. I think they’re also in BeautyMNL so I’m going to check them out and try either this Glow foundation or the powder (wala na kase ako foundation. *-*)

  • Chriss Tabamo

    Must try this po.. Lalo nat nasubukan nyo napo sya at talaga namang napakaganda pala nya. Kitang kita po talaga sa Face nyo . Perfect po ito sa Mga mahihilig gumamit nito. Hindi na kailangan gumamit ng kung ano ano sa mukha dahil dito palang sa original Glow Bb foundation panalong panalo na. ? I will check this out mommy..

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