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4 BEST GYM PROGRAMS FOR BEGINNERS (Female) – I’ve tried them all!

Whenever I post videos of me working out, I receive a lot of DM’s on my social media accounts asking me: ” Ms Kaycee, I want to start lifting weights but I don’t know how” .Before weight lifting, I’ve tried countless types of workout programs. Like you I was intimidated with the barbell. Pilates, yoga, HIIT, Barre. I finally found my satisfaction in weight training. Not only did it help me stay in shape, I’ve gotten a lot stronger in the process. I’ll even give you some reasons why you need to lift.

If you want to be strong and sexy at the same time. You’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing with you the best gym programs for beginners. Continue reading below 🙂


Why Lift Weights?

  1. It helps you lose FAT – When you lift weights, you build lean muscle tissue which is more metabolically active than fat. When you increase your muscle, you also increase metabolism which means you’re burning more calories throughout the day. 
  2. It makes you STRONG – When you lift weights on a regular basis, everything else becomes a little easier too – carrying groceries, housework, gardening, carrying the kids, etc. Strength training doesn’t just make your muscles stronger. It makes your bones stronger, too, which can help reduce or even manage osteoporosis.
  3. It Reduces Your Risk of Injury – When you lift weights, you also strengthen connective tissue—the ligaments and tendons that keep your body moving well on a regular basis. Strengthening your connective tissue will help you continue to operate in peak condition and protect your body from injuries.
  4. It Increases Balance, Stability, and Flexibility  – Lifting weights can help you work your joints through a full range of motion, keeping them strong and flexible and keeping you steady on your feet.
  5. It Makes You Feel Better About Yourself – By getting stronger and noticing changes over time like being able to lift more weight and do more exercises, both men and women build confidence and, especially for women, improve body image. Lifting weights, along with other types of exercise, also helps build confidence and can even help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety…a great way to deal with stress in a healthy way.




#1 Starting Strength


The Starting Strength System makes use of the body’s most basic movement patterns – barbell exercises that involve all the body’s muscle mass – utilized over the longest effective range of motion and loaded progressively, to force the adaptations necessary for increased strength.

Unlike other popular exercise protocols, Starting Strength is a training system – a long-term process designed for getting stronger over time, not a random collection of exercises that just make you hot, sweaty, sore, confused, and tired today.

Why it works

It’s easy to understand instruction let’s you start from the ground up. Mark Rippetoe is one of the BEST in teaching proper form. I’m doing other workout programs now and still go back to his videos when I need form checks!

Where to go?


#2 531 


The response towards this simple but incredibly effective training system has been overwhelming. This is because it works. And works for just about anyone willing to put in the discipline and work that getting stronger requires. Elite level lifters to absolute beginners have all used the 5/3/1 Method; the basic tenets of strength training have and will never change. 

Why it works

This is perfect for lazy people like me who has trouble computing their training maxes or how to progress each week. It has a wide range of accessories and combinations you’ll never run out. It’s a workout program you can do forever

If you’re lazy to read, there’s a great 531 app on Playstore

Where to go?


#3 Stronger by the Day


  • Build confidence and focus on what your body can DO (not just what you look like)
  • Motivate you to get back in the gym with programming that is always changing and never boring
  • Transition into a strength focus (for the first time, or for the first time in a long time)
  • Lose fat and body weight while getting stronger
  • Learn how to lift with our resource libraries
  • Start a program focused on long-term progress, written by dedicated and proven coaches
  • Build a foundation of strength that’ll support your hypertrophy goals (building those delts, glutes, and biceps)
  • Conquer your current plateau and gain the tools FINALLY break through
  • Join a community of like-minded lifters…

Why it works – My absolute favorite among the 3. It’s the program that produced much results in so little time. I’ve increased my training maxes and broke my plateau! The way they switch up the routines will never get you bored. The 8usd/month is worth it

Where to go?



Video Workout Tutorials for Proper Lifting Form

Trust me, I’ve searched through hundreds of videos to find which ones are legit, easy to understand, and the best for teaching proper form. As a reminder and caution, always start with the lowest weight, or even the empty bar when you’re starting out. It’s easier to progress that way. Don’t worry about your ego 😉 You’ll be lifting bigger weights in no time! 

and don’t forget. Consistency is key!

Follow my fitness account @strongstrongmom if you want to follow what routine/workout I’m currently doing. See you there!



  • Kristel Yamzon-Oliva

    Idol talaga kita momsh when it comes to being fit and strong momma. ??
    Gusto ko din ma achieve yung body mo, not just sexy pero may muscles at abs. Yay!??


    nice tips for women who wants to start working out. if you are a women doesn’t mean you are not capable of lifting weights. you can and it is good for you and it is beneficial to have a healthy and fit body

  • Chriss Tabamo

    Napaka gandang tips Naman po nito mommy kaycee. Very informative. Very helpful po talaga ito sa mga gusto mag simula mag work out. ❤️?

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