REVIEW Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand
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REVIEW: Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand

Hey guys. Today I’ll be reviewing a modern skincare tool called the Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand. It’s similar to what those derma clinics use for expensive facials that promises clearer, brighter, smoother, and plumper skin. Only, instead of going outside, we can spoil ourselves in the same service at the comfort of our homes.

When was the last time you availed a professional service from a skin clinic? Me? I think more than 2 years ago ever since the pandemic started. The constant changes in restrictions and lockdowns made me feel iffy it was worth to spend my time in the outside world to spend on a temporary facial. 

I got this product November last year, and promised YOU my readers to give you an honest review after consistent use that will span in months. Not days, not weeks, months. Let’s begin shall we?

REVIEW: Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand


Product description

Love K-Derma Led Face Lift Wand 14
Led Face Light Mask Colors and Functions

Meet your ultimate face trainer – the Love K-Derma Face Wand! Our non-invasive skin tightening and lifting tool is a professional device that can give you a glow and the plumper looking skin you’ve always dreamed of! With its use of electromagnetic and radiofrequency technology, it comfortably firms face muscles, smoothens wrinkles, lifts sagging skin, and enhances collagen and elastin production. Immediate results with cumulative effect.


How to use:

Apply 2-3 pumps of Glass Skin Activating gel after cleansing and massage all over face
Turn on LED face wand and select desired color of light. Glide the wand upwards all over face and neck for 10-15 minutes. Continue to add Glass Skin Activating gel (you can buy this seperately from their shop when you run out, but you can use any oil-free serum) as needed.

Warning: Do not use directly on throat area.

For best results, use 2-3 times a week.


Thoughts and experience

Okay, I’m almost 35 this year and I’ve been obsessed with keeping my skin as young and taut as possible ever since I was 16? I started sunscreen use pretty early so I’m sure my face is not aging as fast compared to other folks my age (who dont use sun protection).

But beyond the sun’s UV rays, we have stress, gravity, and good ol’ time to cause our skin to.. well.. sag, get fine lines, and droop. 

I am not immortal. That is why aside from sunscreen, I also incorporate retinol, acids, and the aid of technology, such as the Led Face Lift Wand. 

The wand has 7 colours in 5 levels, and you can choose and adjust according to your preference. After a few minutes of using it starts to warm up but not hot to the point of burning your skin so it’s super safe. It doesn’t “glide” as smooth as I want it to using their activated gel, so I sorta prefer using a more silicone-y product to give it more slip because I want to glide my tool in an upwards motion for my face.

The higher the level, the more it gives an “electric sting” feeling, especially when placed over areas with active acne.

I’ve tried all colours on level 2 for the past few months, in different timelines, and did notice the difference in effects upon use. Which I will share with you below:

  • Red – Improves fine lines and wrinkles: Stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin.
    • The effects are more visible the morning after since I use this at night. My skin is immedieately plumper, but the effect is not permanent. Maybe with more consistent use?
  • Blue – Calm Acne: Soothes inflammation to reduce its size.
    • I used this during the time I had several cystic acne on the chin area. It indeed reduce the acne size by half overnight, and continued to be less swolen the more frequently that I use this directly, even without using other anti-acne spot treatments.
  • Yellow Light – Revitalizes skin: Improves patchy skin and clears hyperpigmentation.
    • I use this in combination with Maxipeel, and my years-old scars from older pimples faded 2-3 shades lighter 🙂
  • Green Light – Brightens weather damaged skin. Inhibits melanin production.
    • No noticeable effect upon using. 
  • Cyan Light – Energizes skin: Promotes cell metabolism
    • Oooh this one gives a unique effect! My pee turns into a different color, like it helped detoxify my body from within? One of my favorite colours.
  • Purple Light – Treats pimple acne and wound scars: Promotes skin healing and repair.
    • This is the combination of blue+red light if you’re lazy to use the separate colours
  • White light – Boosts skin: Intensifies action on fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation with deeper light penetration.
    • This is the combination of all the lights, I prefer using separately or the purple one to achieve the specific effect I need.

LED light masks and gadgets are particularly recommended to stimulate collagen synthesis and kill bacteria that cause acne breakouts, however they should not be used in place of your usual skin-care routine. So still keep those skincare products at hand, this is a good addition if you have the budget for it 🙂

They really can’t replace professional dermatologist services but it’s a good alternative if you prefer to stay at home.

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