Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies
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HONEST REVIEW: Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies

It’s no secret that I am suffering from chronic sleep depravation, aka insomnia. I’ve been trying various sleep-aid supplements to help me get my daily dose of ZZZs. Some work, while some are just a waste of money. Today I’m reviewing Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies that has been, so far, effectively promotes a good night’s sleep. 

I discovered this product thanks to my friend Helen, who reviewed this on The Budol Group on Facebook.


Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies Review

Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies

Product Description

Vitafusion SleepWell is a gummy supplement made with Melatonin and designed to help increase the total sleep time in people suffering from sleep restrictions or altered sleep schedules. Melatonin, a hormone released by your body when the sun goes down or it gets dark, tells your body it’s time to sleep and helps to regulate your sleep pattern. With hectic schedules and busy lives, sometimes our bodies need help getting a quality night’s sleep so that you can be ready to tackle the next day.

  • Each SleepWell gummy contains 1.5 mg of Melatonin
  • Gummies provide a tasty alternative to hard-to-swallow tablets
  • Helps you get the sleep you need to start your day feeling energized and refreshed

Vitafusion Sleepwell Melatonin Gummies

Ingredients: Melatonin, Passion flower, Chamomile flower, Lemon balm

How many gummies should I take? The bottle label recommends two, but I personnally take only one gummy sometimes and it works just as well. Try to take a lesser amount before increasing to two to avoid building tolerance.


My Thoughts and Personal Experience

Before trying out this supplement, I’ve been taking Natrol Time-Release Melatonin in 5mg. I found that the former works well but I had to take 2 tablets, amounting to a whopping 10 for it to take effect.

Surpsingly, Vitafusion’s Sleepwell Gummies, works as much or even better, at only one gummy before going to bed. Maybe because it’s infused with other sleep-inducing ingredients as well like Passion flower, Chamomile, and Lemonbalm.

I find that it has a pleasant peach flavour to the gummy. The fruit flavour tastes natural, not sickenly sweet or artificial.  It’s very chewy, and quite tasty that it’s tempting to take another gummy but please don’t!

It doesn’t work in an instant. It takes around an hour or so for my eyes to feel “tired and groggy”. I usually accompany this with dim lighting, silence, and gadget snoozing to ensure success in falling asleep.

Sometimes when my mania is bad, or when I drank too much coffee, I take a second gummy.

In worse times, when my anxiety is on high levels, this, sadly doesn’t work for me already and I need take my prescription pills.

If I have to be honest, yes one if its side effect that I experience is having vivid dreams, and sometimes bordering to nightmares. But I don’t nind because I’m currently working on a book about lucid dreaming, so the side effect sorta helps me personally? Hehe

Do I recommend this? Compared to other sleeping supplement brands I’ve tried, this is potent stuff! But be careful, if you’re not used to taking melatonin supplements you may get “groggy” and dysfunctional in the morning.

I hope my review helped in your decision making. Til my next post 🙂 Thank you for visiting hope you come again!



  • Owen Ponce

    Though I never ever had any sleeping pills… Never tried anything… But I do appreciate your honesty and sincerity on every reviews you’ve shared to us

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Thank you sa honest review Ms.Kaycee about sa products. Perfect ideas po ito para sa mga nahihirapan sa pag tulog para kay idea na sila tungkol sa products na ito

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