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Review: Nono’s by Classic Confections | Mama and Baba Food Adventures

When we were on vacation in Manila for 2 months, one of the places macho kid and I frequent is the new Podium. Why? Simply because they have delicious dining option without the messy crowd. One of Jop’s favorite restaurants to dine in is Nono’s by Classic Confections.

As you can see here’s another photo of him on a different day (the next one actually)

nonos chicken

Nono’s by Classic Confections

I was craving for something creamy so I got their Roasted Squash Soup (225php). Jop with his usual Homestyle Chicken with Mashed Potatos and Dinner Rolls (325php). The place is very homey with strong tita vibes. They offer a wide array of dishes from soups, salads, seafood, steaks, and pastas. Cakes and pastries are also displayed in their store.

nonos chicken

nonos chicken

Jop loves their chicken because of the crispy yet soft chicken crust, flavorful meat, and the sweet savory combination of honey and gravy. At first it was very strange to us. But mixing both flavors created a harmony between salt and sweet. It didnt overpower the initial marinate of the fried chicken.

I found the Roasted Squash Soup to taste for my liking. They put in too much sour cream and spices that I could no longer appreciate the flavor of the roasted squash. Mary Grace Cafe’s Pumpkin Soup still trump as the best for me.

nonos chicken

A typical price in dining here for 2 would cost around 1,000php. Food is worth it and we would definitely come back here. Mainly because macho kid loves this place so much! 

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