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Should I Start a Blog? – Macho Mail #1

A good client, and friend of mine suggested that my branding has so much potential but I need consistency. I never follow a schedule and my content seems to sprout out of nowhere. Gave him an excuse that it’s part of my “charm” but then it hit me. I started this blog as an outlet for myself, but as millions of readers get to visit this everyday it’s also my responsibility to publish quality content on a regular basis.

So today we’ll move forward with the first first ever! I’ll be answering YOUR burning questions WEEKLY! 

Macho Mail #1 – Should I Start a Blog?

Our very first picked letter came from Mhia Rose Sarmiento:

Dear Macho Mom,

I am planning to create a blog page soon but I am afraid on how people would react on my pose baka ma-mata (judge) nila ako. Any tips po? Thank you din for sharing your blessings na inspire ako sayo!

Whew! I often receive this questions when I get invited to speak in public so might as well share my answers here too.

1. Don’t do it for the free stuff – This is my number one number one number one answer always. Blogging comes from the word bio-log or in layman’s term, a diary. It’s a digital diary where you can pour your heart out on just about anything. If the reason you’re going to start a blog is to expect loot bags and gifts. DON’T. Everything you will write will sound cheesy, over-selling, and over-pleasing. It’s also not the best motivation. Why? What if after writing a few posts you still don’t receive anything. Will you continue to write?

Blogging should always come from the heart. You should start a blog because you genuinely want to share what you know or what you feel to your readers.

2. What if I get judged? In this modern era of social media. ANYTHING you post will get judged. That’s the truth. Not everyone will agree with you, and you can’t expect them to. I’m still optimistic that we treat ourselves with kindness despite our differences. 

Yes, there’s a high chance that you’ll get trolled and bashed. But that’s THEIR problem, not yours. These are the kind of people who are probably problematic in real life and lashes out their hate on-line. 

IGNORE the bad. ABSORB the good.

3. What should I write about? This is the fun part. Think of topics that YOU will find interesting. It’s easier to write when you have a story to tell.

“It’s easier to write when you have a story to tell”

Are you addicted to milk tea? Why not write a series of reviews! Love watching movies? Write movie reviews! et-al

Final Thoughts

It’s your life. Not theirs. Start a blog if your heart is telling you too. You’d have more to gain than to lose so GO FOR IT!

Got a burning question to ask? Send your letters to clubkikay[@] with the subject “DEAR MACHO MOM”

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  • Mhia Rose Sarmiento

    Aww. Ms. Kaycee ang sarap basahin inulit ulit ko para mag sink in lahat bawat words at ma apply ko. Thank you so much po. Kaya ako na inspire sayo sobrang honest mo sa mga reviews mo at sa mga ideas mo sobrang natural kalang. ❤

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