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Chao Phraya River Dinner Experience the Best

Chao Phraya river  is one of the most majestic and principal water bodies in the state of Thailand and features a plenty of unique attractions and activities around it, which makes it a must visit in your travel expedition. This extraordinary river flows right through the middle of the city of Bangkok, ending at the Gulf of Thailand.

If you are visiting Thailand on your honeymoon, then there is no better thing than a serene and tranquil river cruise on this exquisite Chao Phraya river. This river cruise is the perfect way to marvel at the awe-inspiring night sky of Thailand. On your cruise expedition admire the beautiful Thai landmarks like the Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn, & Asiatique The Riverfront.

A  live commentary on the river cruise will tell you about the grandiose traditions, history and culture about this beautiful SouthEast Asain nation. An enthralling performance of singers on board will host a perfect show to add stars to your travel expedition. Soak up in the magical moonlight whilst admiring the cityscape of Thailand on your river cruise.

Chao Phraya River Dinner Experience the Best

This river cruise also features a beautiful and romantic candle lit dinner. Take your partner for a beautiful and romantic dinner and have an ethereal time amidst the chill ambiance and feast upon delicious and mouth-watering exotic cuisine from across the globe.


Chao Phraya river dinner cruise features a serene and extremely romantic dinner experience on a cruise taking you through the most enormous landmarks of Thailand. On your river cruise feast upon close cuisines made by chefs from across the globe. Dine in on authentic Thai cuisine and gulp it down with age old drinks.

The cruise covers important landmarks like grand palace and temple of dawn with the bright night sky of Thailand as the backdrop.

Enjoy a live musical performance with Thailand’s best band and dance to the tunes of the romantic numbers. Admire the most enthralling Thai cityscape and make splendid memories with your loved ones.

Places to visit near Chao Phraya river

Temple of Dawn

Temple of dawn or Wat Arun attracts a humongous crowd of devotees who come to offer their prayers to the Indian gods. Following the Indian culture and traditions, this temple was built in the Siamese kingdom and still continues to be a holy ground for all rituals. This temple has  marvellous royal courts, administrative and the main buildings surrounded by an enormous Khmer-style prang or tower perched at a height of 104 metres. The temple complex carries a humongous Buddha image which was established by King Rama 11. To enjoy the distinct views of the Thai nightsky visit the central balcony and soak up in the night breeze. 

Chatuchak weekend market

The night market which sets up especially on the weekends features plenty of shops and street vendors selling cheap artefacts, souvenirs, street food, sculptures, spices and clothes which are a must buy. 

This special night market receives a hustling crowd and is the perfect way to mingle with active and bustling Thai life. Shopping enthusiasts can find a myriad of must buys like trendy clothing attire and jewellery at extremely reasonable prices. 

This is the world’s largest weekend market and has over 15000 stalls selling unique items like no other. Don’t forget to try out exquisite Thai street food and feast upon other fancy dishes.

Grand Palace

If you want an insight into the extravagant history and rich tradition of Thailand, visit the enormous landmark called Grand Palace situated right in the heart of Bangkok. This marvellous landmark features an exquisite architecture which was once the place of residence for Thailand’s royal family. 

This complex houses important office buildings, royal courts and administrative buildings constructed in the 18th century and continues to be splendid architectural creations. Inside the palace visit the emerald temple, which houses an enormous sculpture of Buddha. Roam through the royal courtyards and explore the vivid and well maintained garden of this grandiose palace which makes it a pleasant and important landmark.

Lumpini Park 

Founded in the 1920s, Lumpini park continues to be a grandiose attraction to visit and poses as a perfect escape from the hustling Thai life. This park is spread over an enormous area of 50000 sq. metres and is studded with tall trees, green wilderness and exquisite ponds, that will definitely help you connect with the nature around you. 

Be it for an evening walk or picnic expedition, this park is the go-to location for locals and trusts. Stroll through the pavements or indulge in a biking excursion. The park also features a beautiful lake where you can boat and have a fun time.

Wat Pho 

Wat Pho is one of the most amusing attractions to explore in your Thailand trip. Observe the gigantic and enormous Buddha structure reclining inside this temple complex. This 6 feet long structure made up of gold is an architectural marvel that you need to admire. This temple is also home to thousands of other gratifying and beautiful Buddha sculpture and images that attracts devotees from across the globe. 

FAQs1. Is Chao Phraya river cruise worth it?

Yes, a romantic and ethereal dining experience on the serene river cruise promises you a fun and cosy time with your partner. While on the river cruise admire the grandiose skyline of Bangkok and marvel at the ethereal landmarks like grand palace and temple of dawn. 

This dinner cruise also has a fancy feast with exotic cuisine and drinks that you can relish upon. Enjoy a pleasant musical performance and dance to the tunes of the romantic songs. Ths river cruise is the best way to surprise your partner for a romantic experience.2. What is the best time to visit Thailand?

Thailand has a hot and humid climate for most parts of the year. The best time to visit Thailand is during the winter months starting from November till March to escape from the scorching heart. The temperature during this time remains low and allows one to explore all attractions and tourist destinations in Thailand.


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    That’s awesome po ang ganda ng place. sarap siguro and unforgettable experience ang makapunta jan😍😍

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