Start the year with a wellness check as Watsons helps you learn more about viral infections

With 2022 coming in, it’s important to start the year with a wellness check. 

Be prepared and stay protected by learning how to fight viral infections with Watsons, the Filipino family’s most trusted health and wellness partner. 

Watsons invites everyone to tune in on January 14, 2022 as Dr. Alvin Francisco, together with host Samantha Purvor, discusses what you need to know about viral infections on “Let’s Talk Wellness” on Watsons Philippines’ Facebook page at 12nn.

Dr. Francisco is a radiology resident doctor at National Kidney and Transplant Institute and a popular content creator known for his medical facts and health tips on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, with over 700,000 followers and subscribers across his social media platforms. He also went viral with his Doctor Reacts series and his videos about COVID-19.

He will talk about the importance of preventing these infections for one’s overall well-being, symptoms that it may cause, and vaccines one should take to avoid these. He will be also answering questions from those who will be watching the livestream.

“Let’s Talk Wellness” is a Watsons initiative that will help customers and the general public learn more about how to live healthier lives. It will also serve as a venue for customers to better get to know Watsons pharmacists and what roles they play in everyone’s wellness journey.

Tune in to “Let’s Talk Wellness” on January 14, 2022, at https://m.facebook.com/WatsonsPH/posts/3959348077436053 and find out how you can win against viral infections in the New Year.


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