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Our Doulos Hope Experience in Manila (2024)

One of Nacho Kid’s dream is to board a ship. A cruise, a small boat, a cargo. It doesnt matter, as long as it’s a ship. This year we were blessed to have gotten the chance to ride a FLOATING LIBRARY SHIP! The Doulos Hope! It visits different countries around the world, and it finally made a stop in Manila after more than 10 years. The last time they were here, I think was 2011?

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They had multiple stops for the Philippines: Subic Bay, La Union, and finally Manila.

About Doulos Hope

Established in 1970, Doulos Hope is a floating library that have visted more than 480 ports in more than 150 countries and territories. The company’s aims to share knowledge, help, and hope in every port it visits.


Each ship visit a port for several weeks at a time to welcome thousands of visitors a day, with the bookstore selling variou stitles, and a wide range of literature. An international crew and staff of volunteers from 60 countries live and work on the ship, devoting a year or two of their lives serving on board.

The ship aims to promote literacy, education, cross-cultural copperation, social awareness, and reflect God’s compassion in every country it visits.

How to get there

Doulos Hope in Manila is located at 25th street, Port Area, Manila City. It’s near Eve Macapagal Super Terminal so you won’t miss it. It costs 50php for a regular ticket, and you need to book in advance through their website.

Schedules fill out fast so we were lucky to get slots for Friday, March 29th.

Our Doulos Hope Manila Experience

The queue was pretty long, we arrived at 1130am, and waited for the staff to manage the lines. It moved pretty quick though and it took around 15 minutes to get to the front. SURPRISE! Don’t forget to bring CASH. They do not accept any form of e-payments at the registration. I was about to cry when a good samaritan behind me let me borrow 100 pesos + 12 pesos (port fee) for me and Geof.


I was sweating buckets.

Of course I repaid the favour and sent her G-cash.

Don’t forget to bring cash folks.

The ship was not huge, but looked sturdy. Based on my eye estimates, it had hundreds on board at a time. We had to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to the main area, where a selection of books, toys, and memorablia is available.


There’s also the Doulos Hope Cafe where they serve iced coffee, ice cream, popcorn, and soda. I kinda wish they served more types of food, but I guess they want to keep everything simple.


Most books in the selection, based from my observation are mostly for children. There are some fictional classics like Winnie the Pooh or Nancy Drew, and self-help and inspirational books. There are Bibles, coloring books, stickers etc.


Geof bought a black fidget spinner and a gardening book (the last one!); while I bought a cap as a souvenir.

Final Thoughts

We spend less than 2-hours in the ship, as there was nothing much to do, but the experience was definitely worth it. It’s almost a once in a lifetime opportunity really, when would we be sure it would get docked again? We aren’t even sure what happens tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.


I mean, what more could you ask for, for a Php 50 entrance fee (FREE if you’re a senior citizen or a PWD).

If you find slots available, go grab it.


  • Carah Jung

    Such a wonderful experience! I want my daughter to experience it too especially she loves reading books! Thanks for the info Momsh!!

  • Apart Cy

    Ang saya naman nakapunta kayo dito Momshie with Geof
    At ang mura lang Yung Entrance fee and
    It’s worth it Puntahan talaga

  • SG Coronel

    Ang saya nman nyan mii.. ang perfect nito especially kung mahilig mag basa tulad ni geof.. thank you sa pag share ng inyong experience..sa pag visit sa floating library 😊

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