Activities for Kids: Get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for Every Purchase of Promil 4

    Have you checked your child’s results using the Spot the Gift tool already? If not I urge you to do so right now! As in, right now. Promil 4 has an on-going promo where you get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for ever purchase of a 1.8kg Promil Four (select stores nationwide)   Our Pop-Up Theater Playtime! Macho kid’s results? Spatial relations, Linguistic, and Naturalist   We were so excited to set-up the pop-up theater only to happily discover that it’s already ready to use! No assembly required!   It even comes with a working magnifying glass and 3d-glasses for more fun!   How did we play? With Geof’s natural linguistic skills and…

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    How to: Make Your Own Slingshot | Easy Activity for Kids and Mommies!

    “Look mommy! Look!” Geof, or as we all know as Macho Kid excitingly tells me out loud that he just made something from scratch. A slingshot. “Who taught you how to make that?” I asked.  “Me lang“ I let out a proud sigh. With thoughts that he’s no longer the tiny baby I held in my arms. Nor was he the little kid crying because I was gone for 3 hours. He’s growing up each day, discovering new interests and hobbies. Even taste in food.  I’ll support him all the way!  We all want to bond with our kids no matter what age right? 🙂 So Geof showed me how easy…

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    Is Your Child Gifted? Promil 4’s Spot the Gift App Can Help You Find Out Your Child’s Potential

    Have you asked your child lately what he/she wants to be when they grow up? Do you record their milestones? Their interests? Are there days you wonder if your child is gifted? “Jop, what do you want to be when you grow up?“ I ask him. More often than not I get a non-chalant answer of “I don’t know yet mommy“.   Macho kid is a child of many talents and I believe all our children are. Since they are after all still kids, they need our guidance for direction. But where do we start? How do we know what are their strengths? Their gifts? Promil 4’s Spot The Gift…

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