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How to: Make Your Own Slingshot | Easy Activity for Kids and Mommies!

“Look mommy! Look!” Geof, or as we all know as Macho Kid excitingly tells me out loud that he just made something from scratch. A slingshot. “Who taught you how to make that?” I asked. 

“Me lang

I let out a proud sigh. With thoughts that he’s no longer the tiny baby I held in my arms. Nor was he the little kid crying because I was gone for 3 hours. He’s growing up each day, discovering new interests and hobbies. Even taste in food.  I’ll support him all the way! 

We all want to bond with our kids no matter what age right? 🙂

So Geof showed me how easy it was to create your own slingshot from scratch. You can finish this craft project in less than 15-minutes and you’ll have hours of fun with your kid! Just like we did last weekend with a super yummy snack discovery!


Watch: DIY Slingshot



  • 2 Ballpens
  • 1 Rubberband
  • Any paper you can recycle (save the planet!)

How to:

  1. You just need to tie the rubber band on equal ends on your ballpens
  2. Fold your recyled paper 4 times to your desired size with a V-shape so it can grab on to the band
  3. Sling away!

Sometimes nga lang when growing kids are having fun, they forget to eat on time! It’s time for meryenda and he’s still busy playing with his DIY Slingshot


What’s my solution? I prepared his merienda alongside. Swift Mighty Meaty Chicken Cheese Franks Jumbo.


Got him to try a bite while he’s playing and the juicy and flavorful taste got his appetite back! LOL

“Mommy, let’s eat na!

Finally! I was hungry na din! We had loads of fun that day. We had the best time playing and snacking on Swift Mighty Meaty


Where to Buy?

So.. here’s a photo of Swift Mighty Meaty Chicken Cheese Franks Jumbo straight from the freezer. Haha! You can get it at your leading supermarkets.


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