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Activities for Kids: Get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for Every Purchase of Promil 4

Have you checked your child’s results using the Spot the Gift tool already? If not I urge you to do so right now! As in, right now. Promil 4 has an on-going promo where you get a FREE Pop-Up Theater Kit for ever purchase of a 1.8kg Promil Four (select stores nationwide)


Our Pop-Up Theater Playtime!

Macho kid’s results? Spatial relations, Linguistic, and Naturalist


We were so excited to set-up the pop-up theater only to happily discover that it’s already ready to use! No assembly required!


It even comes with a working magnifying glass and 3d-glasses for more fun!


How did we play?

With Geof’s natural linguistic skills and his wide imagination, I encouraged him to make-up stories based on each section of the theater. “The Travelling Jop” he told me.


Spot the Gift Tool

The pop-up theater works hand in hand with Promil’s Spot the Gift Tool so I highly recommend that you find out and discover what your child’s natural talents are! 


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