• GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!
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    GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

    Hi there! I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon my review because you want to find out if Gluta Lipo Coffee is effective for weight loss, and you’re looking for something honest, real. I’ve always dabbled trying out “slimming” supplements not because I really need to shed a lot of weight. But because I’m constipated and bloated. I eat too many carbs and high sodium that makes me bloat, even if I’m not fat.    Enough about me, and let’s talk more about this product. Does it work? What are its ingredients? How much does it cost? Any side effects? If you’re lazy to read, you can go straight to my video…

  • 4 BEST GYM PROGRAMS FOR BEGINNERS (Female) - I've tried them all!
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    4 BEST GYM PROGRAMS FOR BEGINNERS (Female) – I’ve tried them all!

    Whenever I post videos of me working out, I receive a lot of DM’s on my social media accounts asking me: ” Ms Kaycee, I want to start lifting weights but I don’t know how” .Before weight lifting, I’ve tried countless types of workout programs. Like you I was intimidated with the barbell. Pilates, yoga, HIIT, Barre. I finally found my satisfaction in weight training. Not only did it help me stay in shape, I’ve gotten a lot stronger in the process. I’ll even give you some reasons why you need to lift. If you want to be strong and sexy at the same time. You’ve come to the right…

  • My Experience on Different Fad Diets (Keto, IF, Recomp, Paleo, etc)

    My Experience on Different Fad Diets (Keto, IF, Recomp, Paleo, etc)

    From popular diet pills, healthy food deliveries, and different workout styles. Everyone has more or less, the same goal right? Build muscle, shed fat, get fit. One of the biggest factor in building the best body is DIET. But how do we know which ones really work and which ones don’t? Through trial & error. We are all different. We have different bodies, lifestyle, and sleeping habits. So it’s best to research and experiment to see what’s best for you (with doctor’s approval of course). Today I’ll be sharing with you all the fad diets I’ve tried through the years. So you can get insights not from a bodybuilder or competitor. But from…

  • So.. I lost 5lbs in 30 days with the help of Keikoda Diet Supplement
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    So.. I lost 5lbs in 30 days with the help of Keikoda Diet Supplement

    My title seems pretty straightforward eh? Before anyone makes a snide remark and goes on an anti-supplement remark. Let me tell you this. Sometimes, it’s difficult to fight the mind’s urges to binge. Not everyone has the same will power.  Most have to depend on supplements at the beginning of their weight loss journey, to living a healthier lifestyle.  Today I’ll be giving you an honest to goodness review on Keikoda Diet Supplement (Price: 2,000php/30 capsules). I’m wary when I take this. I’m not even obese levels but I never seem to reach my goals because of my.. SWEET TOOTH AND JUNK FOOD CRAVINGS I’ll get this into my head and…

  • BEAUTY DREAM PM BURNER | Honest Review!
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    BEAUTY DREAM PM BURNER | Honest Review!

    So I purchased Beauty Dream PM Burner Supplement from 1Up Nutrition for 2 reasons: 1. I have insomnia 2. I have stubborn fat   Beauty Dream PM Burner Retails at (49.99usd) claims to solve both of my problems. But the question is, does it really work? I tried this for a month. Watch my video in full to find out what I think.   Ingredients GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric), Lavender, Passion Powder, Valerian Extract 4:1, 5-HTP, L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, L-Theanine, Green Tea Extract, Ginger 10:1, Ginger Bark, Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylserine Benefits Promotes Relaxation, Supports Deep Rem Sleep, Promotes Fat Loss while you Sleep and Non Drowsy in the AM Directions: As dietary supplement,…

  • Orihiro-night-diet-tea-review
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    REVIEW: Orihiro Night Diet Tea from Japan

      Orihiro Night Diet Tea is the partner of En Natural Green Smoothie in my mom’s quest for being healthy and fit. She’s been bugging me for some time now to buy her slimming pills, even dangerous ones like Bangkok Pills (PLEASE DON’T) and I guess I know where my stubbornness came from. I told her that if she really wants to slim down, she should start by eating healthy and exercise regularly. She told me she’s so fat already that she needs a bit of a push, some sort of assistance to motivate her lifestyle change. I love my mom. I want the best for her. That’s why I…

  • Keikoda Diet Capsule Review
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    REVIEW: Keikoda Diet Capsule

    Hello everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing another weight loss supplement. Keikoda Diet Capsule that you can purchase from My mom is officially my “diet supplement” guinea pig. Why, do you ask? Because no matter how hard I push her to exercise, she just won’t. I’m sure many of you have the same excuses. You’ve got a lot of work to do, lack of energy , not your priority. The worst excuse I heard was from my cousin. I want to lose weight without exercise.  Price:  1,600php per bottle Product Description Their advance formula offers a highly concentrated dosage of HCA, also known as Hydroxycitric Acid, derived naturally from premium Garcinia…

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