GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!
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GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

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Hi there! I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon my review because you want to find out if Gluta Lipo Coffee is effective for weight loss, and you’re looking for something honest, real. I’ve always dabbled trying out “slimming” supplements not because I really need to shed a lot of weight. But because I’m constipated and bloated. I eat too many carbs and high sodium that makes me bloat, even if I’m not fat. 


GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

Enough about me, and let’s talk more about this product. Does it work? What are its ingredients? How much does it cost? Any side effects?

If you’re lazy to read, you can go straight to my video review on KikaysikaTV on youtube. If you want more details and whatnots, continue reading below.


Gluta Lipo Coffee Review (video)


Product Description

GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

Each ingredient is meticulously chosen to provide every user a safe and effective weight loss and whitening supplement that’s perfect for any diet. All ingredients are sourced locally, making the Glutalipo brand Proudly Filipino.

Price: 350php per box of 12 sachets on resellers on Shopee but on their official website it costs 499php per box of 12 sachets



🍃 Glutathione – an anti-cancer agent that helps in making your skin look brighter and fairer.

🍃 L Carnitine – a detoxifying agent that aids in increasing metabolism.

🍃Green Tea – another detoxifying ingredient that helps in cleansing the body from unwanted toxins.

🍃Collagen – an anti-aging agent that improves the elasticity of the skin.

🍃 Garcinia Cambogia – an ingredient that aids in weight loss by helping you curb your appetite.

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🍃 Grape Seed Extract – an active ingredient that helps in decreasing bad cholesterol and controlling diabetes.

🍃 Mangosteen – helps boost your energy and metabolism.

🍃Goji Berry – helps in improving total well-being.

🍃 Barley Grass – an ingredient that makes the immune system stronger.

🍃 Tongkat Ali – Know to fight unwanted weight gain and boosts energy.

🍃 Buah Merah – Detoxifies toxins and fights cancer cells.

🍃 Turmeric – Reduces risk to cancer and heart disease.


Honest Review

GLUTA LIPO 12 IN 1 DETOX COFFEE | Honest Review!

Before anything else, I’d just like to say that the results of my before & after photos are not because of Gluta Lipo Coffee alone. This is the result of proper diet and regular exercise. BUT, the supplement helped a lot in my balik alindog journey.

At first impression, the taste can be unfamiliar. It’s not your usual brewed coffee. It has earthy and grassy notes, with bits of psyllium husk. Even if it’s not indicated on their ingredients list, it’s noticeable when you leave your coffee too long and the fiber expands and builds up making it more difficult to drink. (correct me if I’m wrong but this is based on my observation)

The first question my mom asked me was “Masarap ba?” (does it taste good?) and my honest answer was “Pwede na” (meh). It’s good enough to satisfy your caffeine cravings in the morning, but not if you want to please your palate.

I practice intermittent fasting so I only take this coffee in the morning without any solid food. I do not get the urge to go to the bathroom even after drinking this. BUT come lunchtime when I eat my first meal, around 20 minutes later my stomach begins to cramp. I need to go to the CR ASAP. It cannot be controlled. 

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This cycle repeats for 3-4x. Yup. I go to the bathroom 3-4x when taking this coffee. It can be uncomfortable especially if you work in an office or commute a lot.

After taking this for more than a week, I noticed significant improvement on my bowel movement. I noticed there’s less bloat on my stomach, and my appetite for junk food decreased. 

REMINDER: Always drink a lot of water when taking any weight loss supplement. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE.

Let’s make the effects easier to digest as I break it down to you on the pros & cons below.


  • Helps shed excess water weight
  • Lessens appetite for junk
  • Gives me more energy


  • LBM
  • Stomach cramps
  • Discomfort

Final Thoughts

I don’t recommend taking this beyond lunchtime unless you want to stay up late at night just to go to the comfort room. It’s a great supplement if you have constipation or just need that extra kickstart on your weight loss journey, but like all products. This is just a supplement. Do not depend on this product alone for fat loss. Because fitness is a lifestyle, not a journey with an end.


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